Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making Memories in Bryan

What a terrific weekend we had visiting with Mema and Pepaw. I also got to spend some more time with Mema's brother Uncle Waylon who visited Dallas a few weeks ago and meet another one of her brothers, Uncle Jerry. It was a full house that's for sure. We arrived Friday afternoon and left this morning. There is never enough time to get everything in that I want, so I have to pick and choose. This time we packed the weekend as full as possible and had a really good time.

Friday was mostly spent just playing in Mema's kitchen. The girls remembered the last time they were there because they jumped in like they were right at home. We let them have their "night-time" lovies in the car and we couldn't get them to give them up once we got there. So I let them carry them around for the day. Some rules can be broken on special occasions. Friday night was hard to get them down. They were overtired from the excitement and lack of nap. Well, they did doze for about 20 minutes in the car but that was it! It took us about 2 hours to get them to sleep. But on the plus side, they slept in, in the morning!

Saturday was so much fun. After a lazy morning, we drove to Research Park, which is part of the Texas A&M University campus. they have a pond with ducks. When I was a student there, I imagined the day I could bring my kids to the park to feed the ducks. On Saturday I got to do that! Even better, my college roommate, Jamie joined us with her son Nicholas. Maddie especially got into throwing the bread in the pond. She looked like she was ready to go swim with the ducks and turtles so we had to be careful. It was so hot that we didn't get to stay there long. Since I wasn't finished visiting with Jamie, we decided to take the kids to Abuelo's for lunch. Both of the girls packed it away! I've started trying to order off the menu for the girls (instead of bringing them food in the diaper bag.) So, I try for a mix of what I know they will eat, plus some healthy mixed in. They cleared their plates of chips (with a bit of salsa!), quesadillas, french fries, applesauce and most of the beans from my plate. After that big lunch and the running around from feeding the ducks, when we got back to Mema's house they slept for 3 hours!

Mema and I ended up waking them up because I wanted to get a quick visit in with my cousin Lisa who is 7 months pregnant with a baby girl. Her boy, AJ, has gotten so big! He's lost all of his "baby" look and is a big boy now (at 4 years old.) We got a quick visit in, lots of hugs and a quick demo on how the hands free pumping bra worked. That cracked Lisa up when I had to show her how the bra worked (it is a bit complicated since you have to hook the breast pump machine up to it! She just said it was "SO" me to just whip the thing out and try it on without thinking twice. Anyway, Maddie and Izzie played playdoh with AJ and they had a good time too.

From Lisa's house we quckily swung back by Mema's and picked up Waylon, Pepaw and John and Pepaw took us all out to Fish Daddy's for dinner. The girls did amazing since it was past their dinner time at this point and we had to wait 20 minutes for a table. Their favorite part of the meal was seeing the huge fish tank I'm sure. By the time we got home, Mema and I were tipsy from the cheap margaritas and laughing and being so silly while we tried to bathe the girls. We got them to bed and they were asleep faster than a blink of an eye after the exciting day we had.

My favorite part of the day came up (well besides feeding the ducks.) It was time for Mema to play with my hair. I get to be the only grandbaby in the whole world for a few minutes while my Mema combs through my hair and twirls it around her fingers while we visit. She's done it ever since I can remember.

Sunday was another lazy morning of packing and playing. We said our good byes and hit the road. I love my trips to Bryan and wish I could go more often. Every time is full of super memories and special moments. I'm so glad that my girls are getting to spend time with their Mema and Pepaw and create memories for themselves.

Izzie sleeping with both teddies on the way to Bryan.

Maddie with both bunnies.

My little cousin Ryan with Mema and Izzie.

Me with Lisa and her little boy AJ.

Izzie and Maddie teaching Mema all about different objects and signs.

Izzie and Daddy at the park.


Izzie and Maddie

Maddie and Izzie (sitting in Daddy's lap) feeding the ducks.

Maddie, Momma and Izzie.

Amanda and Jamie with our kids. Izzie, Maddie and Nicholas. HERE is the last time we took a group photo!

Maddie, Momma and Izzie

Making myself comfy in Pepaw's chair.

Izzie with her "cape" on.


Izzie and Maddie doing the new alphabeth puzzle we bought them while we were there. (Did I forget to mention that we went shopping too?) It says ages 3 and up. I thought it might challenge them since they are so good at their puzzles. They were putting the pieces in as fast as they were picking them up!

Izzie eating breakfast at Mema's house.

Maddie eating while Waylon is trying to sneak a bite!

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