Friday, August 21, 2009

Low-Key Day

Nothing really spectacular happened today. Well except for the fact that John took the van in for its 12000 mile check up finally. Which meant I was stranded for the morning. But I pretended I planned it that way and we were fine. Izzie got a couple of mosquito bites that were itching her pretty badly and making her cranky. After about three applications of itch cream medicine it seemed to get better. The thing I noticed is that when one of the girls is over-cranky I think that both are, but truthfully, Maddie was in a good mood today, she was just overshadowed by Izzie.

Oh and then there was the telephone incident. The girls were watching an Elmo show and Elmo was teaching them how to use a telephone. A couple of months ago we got rid of our houseline opting to use cell phones only. But we never actually put up the old telephones. Maddie ran over to the desk and wanted to play with it. This was a first, she's never even noticed it before. Since it wasn't connected I figured there was no harm in letting her play with it. Oh boy. Duh. Of COURSE Izzie immediately wanted a "real" phone too, not the plastic toy one she was contently playing with 2.3 seconds before. So, I ran upstairs and grabbed one of the other old phones so she could have one too. A significant difference that I didn't think about was this upstairs phone was still sitting in the base charging. Therefore it didn't ring out but if you pushed buttons it lit up and made beepy noises. I didn't think about this when I handed it to her.

Suddenly she now has the coveted phone. It beeps. Maddie got very mad and wanted it. Somehow she ended up with it, which made Izzie very mad. Realizing there was no way to make it better I yanked the batteries out of the "working" phone to make them the same. That was pointless. Finally abandoning the entire game seemed like the best course of action. We quickly moved on to reading a Dr. Suess book and all was well in the world. Later this afternoon, I saw both girls playing with the phones without any problems. Also throughout the day I saw the girls "talking" on a toothbrush, a spoon, a piece of bread and a puzzle piece. Seems like really anything will work for a phone these days.

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