Monday, August 17, 2009

The Latest Adventures of Teddy & Bunny

For anyone who has been just dying to know what Teddy and Bunny have been up to, let me share. They now wear shoes almost every day and now they have their very own bright pink "Bops" (bop is what Maddie and Izzie call a diaper.) Teddy and Bunny each enjoy at least one meal sitting at the table while their mommies spoon feed them. And their favorite activity is going on long stroller walks around the kitchen island with detours to the office and living room. These guys are constantly on the move and super busy these days. I was lucky to catch a rare photo of them sitting together. Of course, since they are fraternal twins (unlike their very identical Mommies) it's easier to tell them apart. But just in case you get them mixed up, Teddy is wearing the pink shoes on the left and Bunny is wearing the purple shoes on the right.

Izzie playing in the toy room. She's teaching Teddy her ABC's. Teddy is wearing her very old raggy Bop in this picture, so don't look too closely. Teddy and Bunny both know the letters B, M, P, O, A and I by sight. Sometimes they get them wrong but they get them right more often than not.

Maddie sporting the latest in fashion. Two bead necklaces and a pink cowgirl hat, worn backwards. Poor Bunny hit the floor (along with Baby) when the cameras started flashing. Please advert your eyes since Bunny has NO Bop on in this photo.

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