Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's the MOON, Momma!

My sweet Madeline.

Izzie and Maddie at Nanna's house. they have sidewalk chalk all over them.

Izzie kissing her baby. She is wearing a toy around her neck that looks like a neckbrace, but really it's a necklace (if you use your imagination!)

Maddie all decked out, Purple Outfit, Purple Necklace, Purple Tutu and Purple cape!

Maddie and Izzie reading a bit this morning on their own... just for a few peaceful moments!

My children are 1 year, 8 months and 1 week old today (I know this because of an automated ticker, not because I did the math) anyway. Today they SAW the moon. Especially Maddie. This is extremely exciting thing for a 1 yr, 8mo & 1wk old child. I know how exciting it was because I was there with her when she saw the moon. Let me back up a bit.

Today was a pretty rough day for me. I had a splitting headache from the time I woke up until even now, with a short reprieve of a 30 minute nap. I've been getting a lot of headaches this past week and I'm very close to calling the doctor if they keep up. But that isn't the point. The point is, I was trying to keep things low-key this morning due to the pounding in my head. Which also meant keeping the girls happy at all costs. The screeching isn't good for the pounding. To keep my girls happy, you read to them. Every single book in their library of ever expanding books.

Today they really amazed me, pointing out things in these books that I didn't know they even knew yet. Small scenery stuff. We've read Rough Tough Gruff 568 times and they were pointing out things they've never shown interest in before. (No, 568 isn't accurate because I don't have an automated ticker for the amount of times I have read this book to my children, so I could be off by 100 times plus or minus...) Anyway, they were pointing out the teeth of Syd the Troll and the little itty bitty bird sitting on the fence. They were pointing out the spoon in his hand and just a ton of items in the pictures. I actually forgot which book had the moon in it, but they pointed that out too. I didn't know they knew what a moon was, considering their 7:00pm bedtime, they haven't had much chance to see the real moon. But back to my day.

Finally the morning, which was crawling along one book at a time reached 10:20am and I could pack the girls up in the van to take to my Mom's house. She had agreed last night to watch them so I could go to lunch with a friend. I was super excited about this lunch, but disappointed that my head was hurting so much that what I really wanted to do was drop the girls off at my Mom's house and then go back home and go to bed. But I went to lunch. I had a good time and a good visit. I hear the girls had a good time at Nanna and Popo's house too.

They took a GREAT nap today, which was a huge relief since they've been hit or miss on naps lately. This gave me the opportunity to take a nap myself, which I desperately needed! After nap time they were in pretty good spirits. Maddie was in an extremely grabby mood. As in grabbing any toy/book/doll that Izzie had. She had time out a few times this evening. But overall, they did great. Dinner was a bit rough. I made pasta with spinach, which they've eaten before with no problems but tonight they decided that spinach was YUCKY. Whatever. They finally ate the pasta after slowly and deliberately peeling off each individual green YUCKY thing.

Then we went outside. The temperature was very nice. We were blowing bubbles like crazy and because it was super still the bubbles were hanging around the backyard a lot. Now to the point of all this. I lazily lay back on the chaise lounge and see the moon up in the perfectly clear blue sky. I said to Maddie and Izzie, "Hey look, it's the moon." and I pointed.

I might as well have said, "Look it's ELMO!" Or "You can eat all the cookies you want!" They got that excited. "MOON!, MOON! Momma! MOON!" Maddie went on and on and on about the moon. It really makes you think right? How often do you even look at the moon? How often do you get that excited about ANYTHING, no matter what it is? Especially if it is something as mundane as the moon? This morning on Facebook, someone complained that their neighbor walked by their newspaper every morning without picking it up. She said, "How can a person, do that, every morning?" I responded, "The type of person who doesn't stop to smell the flowers."

Guys... it's time to smell the flowers. Or look at the moon. Take a moment and enjoy life (headaches and all!)

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute that the twins got so excited about the moon!