Monday, August 24, 2009

Guess the Twin

Today was back to school day for the kids in my area. It isn't a day that I've paid much attention to in the past few years. It's not a day that will personally effect me again for a few more years. But somehow, I still got caught up in some of the back to school excitement. Several of my friends have older children who sent their kids off to school this morning. Their excitement was contagious. Especially the moms sending their kindergartners off for the first time.

The other difference I noticed with back-to-school was how much nicer the park was this morning. I met several friends at the park at 9 am and there were no big kids to run over the toddlers. The park actually got pretty crowded and normally I take Maddie and Izzie home, but with no big kids, they weren't getting squished. Although I think I saw Maddie get her first kiss from a little boy who looked a few months younger than her. And Izzie made friends with a little girl about a year older than her. They were very interactive today. Although at one point, Izzie needed a bit of space (I guess?) and quietly took herself out of the action to sit in the shade for a bit. Then she was up and playing again. Taking them to the same park every few weeks really shows how much they've grown. The differences between them playing the first time at the park to now are so huge. Before, I'd have to do everything with them/for them. Now they run off to play, checking back here and there to make sure I'm still around. They still can't get on the bouncy seats by themselves, but they can slide off of them easily. It won't be long before they can do it all by themselves.

A hummingbird came visiting this morning.

Izzie and Maddie playing blocks.

Izzie making a tower.




Peek-a-boo Izzie!

Just needed a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle.

And now for a little game of Guess the Twin... sometimes even their Momma can't tell them apart. I'm 90% sure this is a picture of Maddie, but I could be wrong. Feel free to make a guess, but I really don't know for sure!


Anonymous said...

It's Maddie, I'm sure!

Grandma said...

the first post was supposed to say..Grandma says..I'll try again.

Amanda said...

aw, I thought I had another commenter! I wish more people would leave me comments (hint, hint!)

Anyway, I think you are right and it's Maddie, but they sure were looking the same to me today, I kept calling the wrong girl to me all morning! LOL...

Ann said...

Hello Amanda,

Since you wish to have more people leaving comments, I'll introduce myself to you. I'm a 26-year-old Belgian teacher and expecting twin girls next Winter. In fact, it's only a day off your due date, but two years apart: January 24. :-) I regularly drop by to watch and read your blog because it fits in with my excitement of looking forward to the twins. Lots of twin stories online are horror stories and only end up making me afraid of everything that might go wrong, but your little webspace is big fun for me. :-) I visit the blogs in your links section as well. There aren't many online twin diaries in Dutch, so I'm very happy to have found you.

Veel groetjes (= lots of greetings, in Dutch).


PS: Please pay no attention to my English, it's not my first language.

Amanda said...

Veel groetjes to you too! I'm so glad you wrote me! How fun, I follow a mom who has twins older than mine from Australia (Two Banshees blog) it's so cool to have the twin community from around the world. Stay in touch and let me know if you have any questions. Are you blogging your pregnancy? (Not that I read Dutch...) Your English is excellent by the way!
Talk to you soon, you can email me at amanda at dittdott .com.

Sheila said...

Funny you asked us to guess the twin as i was wondering how you could tell them apart when they are dresses totally alike!! I have knows several sets of twins that I could tell apart but I can't get the hang with your two girls.

I never paid any mind that we had the same due date! Magdalene seems so far behind what your 2 are able to do. I'm hoping now that big brother is in pre-school 3 hours a day that we can get little Mags caught up.

And to Ann, no that I expect her to end up reading this, I have been to your wonderful country while I was pregnant with my fist child. Your english was just perfect and I wish you the best with your baby girls come this winter.

Ann said...

No blog so far for me, at least not about children. Maybe I'll make one when I have supercute baby or toddler pictures to share as well. :-)

What a small world actually! Belgium is not exactly a popular country to visit, so it makes me wonder if you were doing a Europe tour. Did you visit Leuven? :-)

Veel groetjes to both of you!