Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flower Shoppin'

This morning Mom and I took the girls on a field trip to a garden center. It ended up being almost a 45 min drive with traffic, so it was quite an adventure but well worth it. We went to North Haven Gardens in Dallas. What I liked about this garden center was how homey it felt. The employees felt very approachable and friendly. I don't think you could ask a stupid question. We started the girls out in the stroller since it didn't look like they had carts that would hold a child. But they are getting to the point where the stroller doesn't contain them for very long. After awhile, I let them out. I told them no touching unless they asked. For the most part they actually listened to me! Of course the first thing they almost touched was a cactus, that would have taught them the hard way... but they did listen when I said, "no touch" on that one!

The loved all the statues, especially the big lion. That is their (especially Izzie's) favorite animal right now. She's constantly saying, "ROAR!" everytime she sees one. It was a hot and muggy day and they got tired/bored/hungry after we were there for a little over an hour. We paid for our plants and then headed out to the car. I was loading the van with the plants and Mom was loading the girls. I put the stroller in and turned around to get the plants and my cart wasn't behind me anymore. I look up and it's about to crash into the side of the building across the parking lot. I let out a scream and took off. Thankfully there were no cars... One of my plants got severely hurt, but it's supposidly hardy, so hopefully it'll survive. The rest did okay. I apparently scared Mom half to death, she thought I was screaming because one of the girls got away from her or something.

We ended up eating lunch at Burger King, which now that I think about it is was the girls first meal at a fast food chain. They've had a few fries here and there from John and I, but never their own whole meal. It's not something I want to make a habit of, but we were very hot and very sweaty. We definitely weren't going anywhere fancier than a hamburger joint. I did have a PB sandwich and a banana tucked into my diaper bag so I supplemented their meal with that.

I'm excited about the plants I bought and plan on digging in the dirt tonight to make my flowerbed nice and pretty! I love how a shopping trip can be an adventure, a learning experience and a bunch of fun with the right attitude!

Maddie and Izzie petting the stone lions. Maddie is doing the sign for lion which is showing the mane. Izzie is saying ROAR!



I wanted to get a picture of one (or both) of the girls sitting in this basket. They sit in boxes at home all the time, but not this, no way!

Maddie found a few rocks that she carried around with her the whole time.

More animals! Izzie is excited about the cat! Maddie is looking at a frog.

I tried to get a picture of them sitting together on this chair. No go.

Maddie in the background, Izzie marching along.

Izzie and Nanna, with Maddie trailing behind.

They were digging in some dirt and got their hands all dirty. Nanna found this fountain for them to wash their hands in which was really cool!

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