Sunday, August 16, 2009

A few catch-up pictures

One of our dearest family friends, Molly, came in town at the end of last week and I was glad to be able to spend some time with her. She enjoyed seeing the girls again too. On Friday night the girls and I went with Molly, her friend Debbie, Mom and Chris to the Macaroni Grill for dinner. I was super proud of Maddie and Izzie. I've started ordering off the menu for them and they did a great job eating their grilled chicken and pasta. They mostly ignored the broccoli, but it wasn't cooked the way I cook it, so I understood. At the end of the meal, while we were still visiting, eating dessert and waiting on the check, I pulled some books out of my diaper bag so the girls entertain themselves. Izzie turned to Debbie and actually (very shyly) asked her to read it to her! I was excited to see that being around new people wasn't intimidating at all for her. And of course, Debbie loved it too. She has really wanted to meet the girls.

Then yesterday after the musuem, I took the girls to hang out at Mom's house and visit some more with Molly. Izzie kept bringing books to Molly to have her read them to her. We had a good time catching up. And ended up visiting until dinner time and so we decided to go to Mexican for dinner. I ordered the girls some guacamole and a flauta with rice and beans. They loved it all. Here is a picture of Izzie reading on Molly's lap:

Maddie was a little bit more shy. She would bring Izzie and Molly a new book to read (so Izzie didn't have to get down.) But she prefered Popo to read to her. Here she is snuggled up to Popo:

This morning the skunk thing threw off my whole plans for the day. Just a weird start to the morning that threw me off balance. Luckily John stayed on track and got the lawn mowed. Izzie and Maddie were excited to see DADDY! out the window. His "tractor" isn't as cool as Popo's riding tractor though and didn't hold their attention for too long.

Before naptime the girls were being silly with Daddy. Here's Maddie and Daddy:

Izzie and Daddy.

Oh, yeah, at the store this morning while I was buying febreeze and other odor maskers/eliminators the girls saw a package that had Mr. Clean on it. The girls saw it and pointed exclaiming very, very loudly, "DADDY!" That cracked me up so much I had to call John and tell him that the girls thought he was Mr. Clean.

Now the girls are down for nap, and I think I might head that direction myself. Getting woken up before dawn by the worst stench I have ever smelled in my life isn't the best way to start the day. I'm ready for a few extra zzz's.

Later.... I actually took a short nap this afternoon and even had time to do some cooking all during nap since the girls slept for almost 3 hours today! I made some bruchetta and some pesto, yummy! This afternoon seemed like it flew past. We didn't really do anything special, just hung out a bit, read lots of books, did a few puzzles, etc. The girls are down for the night and I was browsing the internet. I was scanning CNN headlines and saw this:

A CNN headline that says, "I am married to Mr. Clean" I thought that was funny because of what the girls said earlier this morning. Too bad it really isn't true though. While John isn't as messy as some men, I wouldn't exactly call him Mr. Clean....!

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