Saturday, August 29, 2009

A dress to make Scarlet O'Hara proud

Front, with a little pocket.

Back with a sweet ribbon bow.

So it isn't from a curtain like Scarlet's dress, and it isn't a ball gown, but it is from a tablecloth and it is a dress! This dress came from a tablecloth that John's Grandma gave me a few years ago. It doesn't match my decor so, it's sat in the closet for years. Well a few weeks ago we had a water incident. I had bought one of those giant jugs of Ozarka and it was sitting on my counter. Izzie decided to pull the little tab out and let all the water come pouring out. We didn't catch it right away so there was a HUGE puddle in the kitchen. Apparently our house slopes towards the pantry. All my tablecloths got wet. So, I threw them in the wash.

Today I finally got around to folding them. (Twins people... folding table cloths is NOT high on my priority list.) I saw this one in the pile, and didn't know what to do with it. I knew I was never going to put it on my table, but it is pretty. I immediately thought of some of the blogs I've been following lately such as Maya*Made where people re-purpose old cloth for new things. I am very proud of this dress because I made my own pattern, something I've never attempted to do before. I tried it on Izzie earlier today and it fits! I'm so thrilled. Now, the thing about having twins... one dress down, one to go!


mayaluna said...

Amanda, this was such a wonderful post! That dress is gorgeous and I love how it came to be! You did such a great job with your own pattern, too! Impressive!!! Another one? wow! My mother made a beautiful peasant blouse out of an old tablecloth many years ago. I wore until it was threadbare! xo maya

Amy said...

How adorable! I'm impressed with your creativity!

Betsy said...

Very cute! Is Project Runway inspiring you? :)