Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dallas Museum of Nature & Science

This morning my local twin mom club, PAMOM, met at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. This past week I wasn't sure if we should go, thinking that it would be a bit too old for the girls. It really wasn't! They absolutely loved it!!! I'm also glad we left the stroller in the car. It would have been useless. When we got there, we were waiting for the other parents to arrive and the girls had fun running around the huge lobby. That right there would have almost been worth the trip downtown in their eyes. Something about the big echo-y space. There was hardly anyone there since we arrived right at opening and they were having so much fun running from circle to circle (the planets were laid out on the floor.) Maddie made a game of running to each circle and sitting on it. The sun was in the middle but it was too big from their perspective to look like a sun.

The first room of the museum is a really cool sandbox or "dinosaur excavation site." We decided that we'd stop by on the way out but didn't want to start out sandy. The next couple of rooms really were too big for the girls, but they still had fun pushing buttons on things. Finally we made it to the Children's area. Oh, boy did they have a good time. There was a farm area, a firefighter area, a house, a backyard and a couple of other cool nooks and crannies filled with fun things to explore. They didn't mind leaving one area behind because they could see that there was more to explore as they went. It was so much fun seeing them do so much big girl stuff! There was a farm full of plastic foods that they could "shop" for. Izzie brought me all the types of food and had me identify each and every one.

There was so much to do and see it's hard to pick a favorite. John liked watching the girls do the ant tunnel in the backyard room. I think my favorite would have to be the wall of spiders and snakes in the backyard room. I think Izzie's two favorite things were the computer station and the... book station. Yes, she found books at the museum and a chair and made herself comfortable! Maddie's favorite activity we think was either the ant tunnels or the big water table. Although the fire engine slide was a toss up favorite for both girls.

After playing so hard that we could tell they were going to crash soon, John ran out to the car and got our picnic stuff. The museum has a pretty lawn out back and we found a shady spot, laid out a blanket and had a great time eating peanut butter sandwiches, fruit and fishes. The girls sat on the blanket the entire time eating contently and pointing out the birds as they flew or walked by. It was a very fun morning.

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