Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daily life with Twins

Maddie and Izzie watching Elmo.

Teddy and Bunny are getting ready for lunch.



Today got off to a slightly off balanced start. John was supposed to take my van in to work today to do the 12000 mile check up. (I can't believe my van will be one year old in a few days!) But last night we had a rough night. Maddie kept waking up with what we now know was a tummy ache. We'd hear little whimpers and go in there to check on her. Usually those noises she makes when she loses her paci or bunny. But she had both of them. So we'd cover her up and go back to sleep. (I checked her temperature and diaper and both were fine.) She'd never was fully awake and would be quiet for a bit and then start up again. Then John went in there and discovered that she had a very, um... large full diaper. So, she must have had some tummy troubles and was finally comfortable, well after Daddy cleaned up her diaper. Thank goodness she went straight back to sleep!

But back to the van. Our sleep was pretty interrupted and what with it being trash day and all (another distraction for John) he was on autopilot/zombie mode this morning and went to work in his car. So, he's going to (hopefully) take the van in later this week.

Since originally I was going to be
stranded, my Mom was going to come over and entertain us. I didn't know the van was still at my disposal until I came downstairs. At which point I had already gotten dressed in a "I-don't-leave-the-house-in-this-outfit" outfit. Mom wanted me to come over to her house instead of her coming over here, but I was already in a "I'm staying home today" mode.

So it was me and my girls this morning. We had a good time, I got some cleaning done and they "helped." We did our usual round of puzzles, books and baby dolls. We watched Elmo use the potty. (The girls are interested in the potty but haven't gone in it yet except the one fluke Maddie had.) We went outside and blew some Homemade Bubbles (check out
The Frickin Chicken for the recipe!) and we just generally hung out.

They were in really good spirits today except for the one meltdown Maddie had. She gets on these
independents streaks where she wants to do it herself. (Whatever IT is at the moment.) Today it was putting her puzzle pieces back in their zip lock bag. She couldn't open the bag with one hand and put the puzzles pieces in with the other. This led to a meltdown. It's very difficult watching your child get so frustrated and not allowing you to help them. I tried to back off and let her do it. Then I intervened because clearly she was too frustrated. That made it worse, so we moved to distraction! I pulled the closest book and started reading. Boom, got her attention. Life was good all over again. Ducks in Muck still rank very high among them.

Now naptime is here and I finished cleaning the kitchen. I cannot load the dishwasher with them around because they try to "help" and unload it as soon as I put something in it. I have a pile of laundry as tall as the Eiffel Tower but perhaps I can ignore it for one more day...

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