Sunday, August 16, 2009

Burnt Rubber and Garlic

John and I got woken up from a dead sleep by the smell of burnt rubber with a hint of garlic this morning at 5:30am. (I didn't smell the garlic, but John says that he did.) Anyway, it isn't a very pleasant way to wake up. Two things happened. There were no alarms going off; so John ran downstairs to make sure there wasn't a fire and I ran to the girls room to make sure they were okay. Then I checked out the rest of the upstairs. We didn't see any fire. Concerned it was something in the walls we were feeling the walls for heat. Yes, some people would shout, "Get the girls and get out of the house!" But that didn't seem right. For one thing, Jake (my cat) was foaming at the mouth which led us to believe that the smell might have something to do with him.

Upon closer inspection, we began to realize that Jake was the source of this horrible stink. So I googled "what does a skunk smell like?" and the first answer on Wiki Answers- Burnt Rubber. Read further down and it says Burnt Rubber, Sewage and Garlic. I'm telling you, it was a smell to make you sick to your stomach. Jake is supposed to be an indoor cat, but has found the doggy door and there isn't much we can do to keep him in. He can't get past the fence, so I was never too worried about it. Didn't think about a skunk coming in the fence. At least the skunk didn't find the doggy door!!!

So, I got to bathe my cat at 6 am this morning. Something I've never done before (I've never bathed my cat regardless of the time of day.) John found an internet solution of : Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and Dish Soap. Jury is still out on whether or not it worked. New research (again, done at 5:45am this morning, says that the tomato bath is more of a wives tale, but still worth investigating if the first Peroxide-Soda-Soap bath doesn't work.) I used kitchen gloves (now, I need to remember to buy new ones, because THAT pair is going in the trash!) but I still feel like the stench is clinging to my hands.

Jake poor little boy, has been severally traumatized. He only ate 2 of his kitty treat bites when I offered him 4. I'm sure he's in a corner somewhere licking his wet fur somewhere. I rinsed him with Johnsons & Johnsons No Tears after the Peroxide-Soda-Soap bath and lots and lots of water. The smell upstairs is so strong, I'm not sure how we are going to get rid of it. Febreeze, do you make a No-More-Skunk spray?


Seren Dippity said...

Maybe, just maybe Jake was traumatized enough by the skunk to not go back outside!

poor Jake.


Amanda said...

I sure hope so. I don't like that he goes outside, but I don't want to get rid of Ripley's doggy door either!! I hope there are no more skunk attacks tonight!

Craig McDaniel said...

Are you sure it wasn't the real-life incarnation of Pepe LePew?