Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baking Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Funny, this morning when I woke up, I didn't know it was going to be a special morning. A morning that I didn't even know I was waiting for ever since I found out I was having a baby (or two.) This morning I didn't have any plans. And for anyone who knows me even remotely this is just not cool. I have a bit of my Mema in me and I cannot sit still for long. I'm always doing. So this morning we were just hanging out and my brain was turning trying to decide what was in store for the morning. I was thinking of setting up the sprinkler for the girls. I was about to go that direction when...

Izzie brought me her cookbook (it's a board book that Nanna bought them a few months ago.) She pointed to the cookie and said, "COOKIE!" Now this isn't new. They have both been saying cookie for a long time now. But... those wheels in my head clicked and with a big smile on my face (without REALLY knowing what I was about to get into) I asked Izzie if she would like to MAKE a cookie. Too bad we didn't have the stuff to make the cookie from her book, but I really don't think they minded. My kitchen was only a half mess, so why not make more mess? We made the cookies from the lid on the oatmeal box (minus the raisins, because I didn't have any.)

We started with the butter, which was frozen. I had the girls help me unwrap it so we could defrost it in the microwave. At this point they really didn't understand what "game" we were playing and Maddie almost took off with a stick of butter to the living room. At least it was frozen!
Then I got out a big bowl and we measured out ingredients. I'd scoop out the sugar, flour, etc and let them pour it into the bowl. By the way, the bowl was sitting on a footstool so it would be at their height. Their table was too tall, with the bowl sitting on top of it. More ingredients got in the bowl when they could stand over it. I used a 1/2 cup measure for everything so we could count as we poured. They really liked watching the eggs go in (I did that myself, they aren't up to egg cracking yet!)

At first they were scared of the hand mixer, but I encouraged them to help me hold it and that was met with a huge excitement. After everything was mixed, we did take it to their table with the cookie sheet. Then they helped me make balls. This was FUN. This dough turned out to be a great consistency for their hands. We did a great job making balls for the most part, with help with Mom. The recipe didn't say to squish them flat, but the ones that Izzie squished flat actually cooked better in my opinion.

Then we put them in the HOT oven. We had an awesome lesson on HOT and NO TOUCH, DANGER. They stood back 2 feet while I opened the oven and slid the cookies in. Then they had fun watching the cookies in the oven (for a few minutes.) Well, they had to cook for 12 minutes in which time they lost complete interest. When the cookies came out, I just went ahead and pulled them out since I knew they would have to cool. A few minutes later Izzie remembered the cookies and asked about them. I told her they were hot and she had to wait. She actually went off to play for a bit more! When they were cool, each girl got a cookie and they were really proud. They did know that they made them. While we were eating we talked about how we had to stir, mix, pour and bake.

I'm seriously getting teary eyed! I love cooking and I'm so excited to share it with my girls. They had such a good time and they did such a great job! Really and truly there is hardly any mess to clean up (Not that that is important!) but we had a great time. I only wish I had a personal photographer capturing every moment. But I have learned that sometimes in life you've got to live it and rely on the memories not the camera. That being said, I did get some photos!

Izzie watching the cookies bake.

This is my favorite shape.

We didn't quite lay them out in pretty rows!

Izzie was so sweet to share her cookie, I told her that she could eat it all herself. I'm not really sure if she was sharing or showing, now that I think about it!

Izzie and Maddie are so proud of their cookies!




Seren Dippity said...

Awwww. So sweet.

Brings back memories of us baking valentine heart shaped cookies for your day care classes. I remember how concerned you were that some were crooked, or baked unevenly or the icing was messy. You totally bought it when I explained that proved they were homemade. That's probably why you love the odd shaped cookie. Proves it was toddler made!

Be persistent and consistent. It will only be about 10 more years before you can say "Girls, make dinner!" as you put up your feet and read a novel. (I think today Julie is getting a sense of how soon that will be.)

Save me a cookie!


Grandma said...

I'm in the mood for tiramasu..can they make that next?

Amy said...

How fun!! I love this idea. I may have to steal it today. :)

Amanda said...

Mom- Yep, that's probably why that one was my favorite!
Grandma- I'll put the order in, can you wait, say... 16 years or so for them to perfect it?
Amy- You'll have to tell me how baking with Aiden goes!