Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Heart Melting Moment

We had a playdate scheduled this morning. I was excited about it because this week has been moving fairly slowly for me. We also needed to go to Target. I thought about pushing that off until this afternoon, but since we were up early enough I figured we could go before the playdate.

Right after breakfast we loaded up and went to Target. There were a few shopping trips there for awhile that the girls got a bit fussy while shopping, making me dread taking both of them. But the past two or three trips have been really great. Today they were pointing out "KIRKLE!" (circles) everywhere. Target has a lot of circles in it, you'd never realize unless you were shopping with two 19 month olds. Their logo is a circle for instance. After shopping I swung by the house and ran in to put up the milk. I didn't even get the girls out. Then we went straight to our playdate.

Sharon has three boys. A first grader and identical twin boys that just turned 4. Let's just say that the toys at Sharon's house are some the girls have never seen before. They were playing with plastic bugs and dinosaurs and what one little boy informed me was a Droid. They were showing me everything and saying, "Wha-i-t?" (What is it?) and honestly I didn't know what half of it was. I mean they would show me one dinosaur and I said it was a dinosaur and then they would show me another one that looked completely different and I'd tell them it was a dinosaur and they would not believe me. I think moms of boys have to learn a whole second language. Or, if my girls decdied to get into paleontology I'll have to brush up on my dinosaur labeling skills. Anyway, they were sort of playing but mostly asking me what things were until they found the stash of books! Then they were in heaven. All these kids, all these toys and they sat down in the little chairs and read book after book.

The Heart Melting Moment that is the title of this blog happend from the car to the door of the playdate. I got Maddie out and we walked around the van to get Izzie. I got Izzie out and turned to get the diaper bag out. Izzie and Maddie grabbed each other's hand and started walking up the sidewalk together. Izzie even waiting/helping Maddie up the steps. It was beyond precious.

Maddie and Izzie

Tons of toys and kids... and my girls are in the book corner.

Izzie reading.

Maddie reading.

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