Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The 8/05 Crash

Somehow this morning I woke up at 6:30 this morning. Considering I didn't fall asleep until after 1am this is crazy. I was out way past my bedtime last night (PAMOM board meeting and then out socializing with everyone,) and then I was hyped up to fall asleep. Anyway, I tried to go back to sleep since there was no peeps coming from the girls room, but after a few minutes I knew it wasn't happening. It's not like I was going to be productive with the pounding headache I had from too little sleep, but I went ahead got up and got dressed (bonus points for that!) I came down stairs and ate some cereal for breakfast. I then started to do some work on my computer when I started hearing some giggles and whispering from the baby monitor. It was almost 7:45 by this time and I was just mad at myself for missing a great opportunity to actually sleep in. (It's one thing when you wake up early and refreshed and get a ton done before the girls wake up.)

Anyway, I was enjoying the giggles when all of a sudden I hear, CRASH, BOOM, WAAAAAAAAAAH!! I knew that wasn't good. Yes, the first thought was someone fell out of the crib. Crossing my fingers that this wasn't true, I ran up the stairs. I open the girls door and there stood Izzie. Bawling her eyes out. I looked her over and she seemed fine, so we just sat on the floor cuddling until she stopped crying, she had really scared herself! Maddie was just looking over from the edge of her crib. Then Izzie saw that she broke her table in the fall and started laughing. I'm sad, because I really loved that table and thought it was cute. It was a half round that I had attached to the wall.

Luckily the crib can be lowered a bit more which may help for a short while, but it can't go down too much further. We are looking into crib tents. Several PAMOM members have told me that crib tents were a life saver. We are SO not ready for toddler beds!! (At least, I'm not!)

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