Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 Months

Maddie, Momma and Izzie.

Well today the girls are 20 months old (yes, I apparently am still counting in months.) I don't know why but 20 months is a big one for me. It sounds so close to 24 months which of course is two years old. And while I'm amazed at how fast time seems to be flying by, I'm not one to hold on to the girls' babyhood. Sure, I love the moments when Maddie crawls in my lap and says, "baby" meaning she wants me to rock her and sing a lullaby and call her my special baby. I hope she wants me to do that even when she's in college. But on the other hand, I'm all about developing independence and I'm really enjoying the toddler stage.

At 20 months the girls are growing more independent. They eat almost anything we are eating. They still are mastering a spoon, but are great at a fork. And while they've had their first fast food experience (yesterday) we've not given them any juice/cokes or chocolate milk and I'd like to keep it that way for a while longer. I do try to give them a cookie here or there, but overall they eat healthier than I do!

They still love reading and are already starting to identify specific letters. They know lots of shapes: oval, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star and heart. They know more animals than I can list here (mostly in part to the Signing Times videos!) They know what they like and don't like. Both girls like to accessorize with necklaces, bracelets and hats. They are getting good at coloring and they are pros at chunky wooden puzzles.

In the past few days they are back into taking care of their babies (teddy and bunny.) I think I need to get them some more baby dolls and baby doll stuff. I made them some cloth diapers for their dolls the other day and they love to feed them and take them on walks.

For the most part they are happy, cheerful toddlers. They still sleep anywhere between 12-13.5 hours a night and take anywhere from a 1.5-3 hour nap every day with a 2hr nap the norm.

Maddie likes things just so. She's more into cleaning up and sorting. She's also more into the accessories and baby dolls. Izzie is more into puzzles, books and Elmo. But on any given day either girl will lean towards any of these activities more than the other girl. Also, they take turn being the "dominant" twin if there is such a thing. They love each other and are very aware of where each other is at any given moment. They like to hold hands, give hugs and kiss. When one gets upset the other girl knows whether to give her space or give her a hug. They truly are identicals, with very similar personalities/likes and dislikes. It's only when you get to know them very well that you see that they are also so very different, distinct and unique!

Maddie, Momma and Izzie.

Izzie wearing the cape I made for her.

Maddie wearing hers.

Izzie and Maddie wearing their new capes. I made them out of satin so they would be very flowy. They were a huge hit although Maddie decided she likes wearing hers in front better than behind. I think she might need to watch some Superman shows...

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