Monday, August 31, 2009

Pirate's Cove and Chiloso's

As the summer turns towards fall, I will probably have a ton of entries about being outside. At least I hope so! I love being outside when the temperature is below 90º. I prefer somewhere between 72º and 80º, but I'll take what I'll get. The high today was 86 so we were out the door shortly after breakfast! While the girls were eating breakfast I was busy at the computer networking away. I posted on the Wylie Mom's Message board and Facebook that I was headed to the park, who wanted to join me? So I coordinated with a few moms to meet at Firewheel park.

I was glad I choose that park because when I told the girls we were going to the park, Izzie said, "Choo-Choo!" She is starting to associate names with parks! I told her yep, we were going to the choo-choo park. Well they were disapointed when we arrived, because it was closed for maintenance. (I wish the maintenance included installing a pavillion.... but at least the bouncy ride looked like it was getting fixed.) So we went to Pirate's Cove instead. And I was on my awesome smart phone, updating my posts, texting and calling to coordinate the move to the second park. (Not while driving, I was safely in park the whole time, well except for the phone calls.)

It ended up being, me and my girls, Alicia with two of her kids, Sarah and Mathew. Plus Heather with Carter and Preston. They all played for a little over an hour and had a good time. Then we all went to Chiloso's for lunch. I love that restaurant especially for going out with lots of kids because it's so easy to rearrange their dinning room and sort of "take over" the place. All the kids did so good! The adults even got to have a conversation which was so pleasant. It was a great morning.

Izzie sporting her sunglasses. Oh yeah, and notice the book in the background, even at the park the girls have to take a moment to read a book...

Maddie. She's holding on to her rocks. She loves rocks.

Some of the kids waiting to GO! while us slow adults gathered up stuff and tried to not leave TOO much of a mess. (Maddie, Izzie, Sarah and Carter)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Outdoor Play

Tonight after dinner the girls and I went out to play. They had their shirts off because of a particularly messy dinner. There was a tractor going at the farm next door so I had John come and lift the girls up in the sky so they could see the tractor. Izzie loves tractors and trucks and choo-choos. She's a tom-boy just like me! I had my camera and while the girls were running around having a really great time, I zoomed in here and there and went snap snap snap. I got some fun photos tonight.

Maddie (At least there isn't a plumbers crack...)

Maddie looking at the tractor.

Izzie's turn to watch.

Izzie and Maddie. They can now climb this without help. Yay!

Maddie and Izzie mowing the deck.

Maddie and Izzie laughing at something!

Don't you just love those dirty little toes? You know good fun was had when toes get that dirty. On Izzie's left foot you can see the nail that she injured a few weeks ago. Everytime she notices it she says, "hurt!"

Maddie's dirty little toes.


Izzie and Maddie

Tablecloth Dress Part II

Back of first dress and front of the new second dress.

Fronts of both dresses.

I'm so excited. This was such a simple little dress to "whip up!" I was going to make them matching, but the spot on the tablecloth that matches the first dress had a hole in it that I didn't notice at first. So I went with coordinating instead! The backs match and the fronts are just shifted a bit with different pockets. Thankfully my sewing machine didn't give me trouble during this project. That's usually when I quit a project, my sewing machine is more than a couple years old and it likes to chew up cloth and swallow, where you have to yank it out of the machine and you are left with a lovely shredded project. If you are lucky and tell it what a beautiful machine it is, sometimes it doesn't eat your fabric. I got lucky two days in a row, I better let it rest now...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A dress to make Scarlet O'Hara proud

Front, with a little pocket.

Back with a sweet ribbon bow.

So it isn't from a curtain like Scarlet's dress, and it isn't a ball gown, but it is from a tablecloth and it is a dress! This dress came from a tablecloth that John's Grandma gave me a few years ago. It doesn't match my decor so, it's sat in the closet for years. Well a few weeks ago we had a water incident. I had bought one of those giant jugs of Ozarka and it was sitting on my counter. Izzie decided to pull the little tab out and let all the water come pouring out. We didn't catch it right away so there was a HUGE puddle in the kitchen. Apparently our house slopes towards the pantry. All my tablecloths got wet. So, I threw them in the wash.

Today I finally got around to folding them. (Twins people... folding table cloths is NOT high on my priority list.) I saw this one in the pile, and didn't know what to do with it. I knew I was never going to put it on my table, but it is pretty. I immediately thought of some of the blogs I've been following lately such as Maya*Made where people re-purpose old cloth for new things. I am very proud of this dress because I made my own pattern, something I've never attempted to do before. I tried it on Izzie earlier today and it fits! I'm so thrilled. Now, the thing about having twins... one dress down, one to go!


We've spent most of the day relaxing around the house. I've been flittering between working on my blog book for 2009 and making the girls a new dress out of an old table cloth. It's actually coming out pretty cute. Izzie is trying it on for me right now, even though it still needs a few seams. Today, we've progressed from putting together puzzles to wanting to put the puzzle pieces in and out of the ziplock back that I store the pieces in. They are having a (sort of) good time pulling the pieces out and putting them back in. I say sort of, because they keep getting very frustrated when they can't hold the bag open and put a piece in at the same time.

We've also spent a bit of time playing dress up. Here is Maddie wearing her tutu from last Halloween! I'm so glad that it's gotten so much use. She's kissing a green tiger that she got from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, family friends of John's parents. Thanks for the stuffies!

Izzie is telling me where the tummy is of the ducky that Mr. and Mrs. Smith gave her. Oh, and the mouth, and the toes and the tail....

Izzie pointing out all the circles in one of her books.

Maddie in her tutu.

Friday, August 28, 2009

When the weather is nice

My head is feeling a lot better today. Even still, if I turn it sharply to look at something I get a searing pain between my eyes. But still, it's a lot better than yesterday. This morning, with the weather bordering on pleasant, I decided to take the girls to Pirate's Cove. It was still pretty humid, but it wasn't 100+ degrees out. We havent' been to this park in a while and it was nice. We went a little after 9 am and we were the only kids there for most of the time. Izzie still likes the swing, although she did want to do the other things too. Maddie did not like the swing this time around.

The thing I don't like about Pirates Cove is that the parking lot is made up of 1000's of small white rocks. Maddie loves rocks. Getting her to leave the park was no big deal. I told them it was time to go to the car and off we went. Trying to get her across the parking lot, a whole different story. She grabbed some rocks, but wasn't through. She wanted to sort the rocks. Or perhaps just spend an hour playing with them. It was a bit of a struggle getting in the car, but I started playing Itsy Bitsy Spider over the radio and we were good. We headed to target for a $100 worth of essential items. Sometimes I think Target has a $100 minimum for entering the store. But that's another story.

After lunch we took Bunny and Teddy for a walk down the street. I'm so excited the weather is starting to cool off and we can go outside in the middle of the day without frying like an egg. (My Mema and I once cooked an egg on the concrete... it gets that hot in Texas.) Now the girls are down for nap, but since one is still talking, I hope naptime actually happens today.

Maddie and Izzie playing with the bark that is on the ground.


Izzie loves the swing.

Walking our babies. Izzie with Teddy and Maddie with Bunny.



Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's the MOON, Momma!

My sweet Madeline.

Izzie and Maddie at Nanna's house. they have sidewalk chalk all over them.

Izzie kissing her baby. She is wearing a toy around her neck that looks like a neckbrace, but really it's a necklace (if you use your imagination!)

Maddie all decked out, Purple Outfit, Purple Necklace, Purple Tutu and Purple cape!

Maddie and Izzie reading a bit this morning on their own... just for a few peaceful moments!

My children are 1 year, 8 months and 1 week old today (I know this because of an automated ticker, not because I did the math) anyway. Today they SAW the moon. Especially Maddie. This is extremely exciting thing for a 1 yr, 8mo & 1wk old child. I know how exciting it was because I was there with her when she saw the moon. Let me back up a bit.

Today was a pretty rough day for me. I had a splitting headache from the time I woke up until even now, with a short reprieve of a 30 minute nap. I've been getting a lot of headaches this past week and I'm very close to calling the doctor if they keep up. But that isn't the point. The point is, I was trying to keep things low-key this morning due to the pounding in my head. Which also meant keeping the girls happy at all costs. The screeching isn't good for the pounding. To keep my girls happy, you read to them. Every single book in their library of ever expanding books.

Today they really amazed me, pointing out things in these books that I didn't know they even knew yet. Small scenery stuff. We've read Rough Tough Gruff 568 times and they were pointing out things they've never shown interest in before. (No, 568 isn't accurate because I don't have an automated ticker for the amount of times I have read this book to my children, so I could be off by 100 times plus or minus...) Anyway, they were pointing out the teeth of Syd the Troll and the little itty bitty bird sitting on the fence. They were pointing out the spoon in his hand and just a ton of items in the pictures. I actually forgot which book had the moon in it, but they pointed that out too. I didn't know they knew what a moon was, considering their 7:00pm bedtime, they haven't had much chance to see the real moon. But back to my day.

Finally the morning, which was crawling along one book at a time reached 10:20am and I could pack the girls up in the van to take to my Mom's house. She had agreed last night to watch them so I could go to lunch with a friend. I was super excited about this lunch, but disappointed that my head was hurting so much that what I really wanted to do was drop the girls off at my Mom's house and then go back home and go to bed. But I went to lunch. I had a good time and a good visit. I hear the girls had a good time at Nanna and Popo's house too.

They took a GREAT nap today, which was a huge relief since they've been hit or miss on naps lately. This gave me the opportunity to take a nap myself, which I desperately needed! After nap time they were in pretty good spirits. Maddie was in an extremely grabby mood. As in grabbing any toy/book/doll that Izzie had. She had time out a few times this evening. But overall, they did great. Dinner was a bit rough. I made pasta with spinach, which they've eaten before with no problems but tonight they decided that spinach was YUCKY. Whatever. They finally ate the pasta after slowly and deliberately peeling off each individual green YUCKY thing.

Then we went outside. The temperature was very nice. We were blowing bubbles like crazy and because it was super still the bubbles were hanging around the backyard a lot. Now to the point of all this. I lazily lay back on the chaise lounge and see the moon up in the perfectly clear blue sky. I said to Maddie and Izzie, "Hey look, it's the moon." and I pointed.

I might as well have said, "Look it's ELMO!" Or "You can eat all the cookies you want!" They got that excited. "MOON!, MOON! Momma! MOON!" Maddie went on and on and on about the moon. It really makes you think right? How often do you even look at the moon? How often do you get that excited about ANYTHING, no matter what it is? Especially if it is something as mundane as the moon? This morning on Facebook, someone complained that their neighbor walked by their newspaper every morning without picking it up. She said, "How can a person, do that, every morning?" I responded, "The type of person who doesn't stop to smell the flowers."

Guys... it's time to smell the flowers. Or look at the moon. Take a moment and enjoy life (headaches and all!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Play at the Mall

I took the girls to the mall to play again this morning. They had a really good time. I wish that play area was designed a bit differently, with a gate across the entrance. There are several blind spots and it's hard to keep an eye on one kid, much less two! The girls had a really good time climbing on all the foam bridges, houses and cars. I was there with two of my Moms Groups, Wylie Moms and PAMOM. After we played for an hour we ran up to the food court for a bite to eat. I love how much easier it is getting out with the girls. They've always done great out, but now that they can do a bit more and are more independent it is even easier. They got a bit fussy after playtime, I don't think Maddie was quite done and they were hungry. But once they got a bite to eat they were fine.

Other news: Maddie and Izzie were being considered for the Warner Brothers Movie, Life as We Know It, that is coming out next year. I was really excited and was told they were in the top 4 set of twins as favorites for the part. I called today to see what the status was, but the lady I've been in contact with is no longer working there and the guy I talked to said they weren't in the running. Oh well, it was a long shot. Such is life!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonderful day

As we were cleaning up tonight, I told the girls to put their loveys Night Night. This is where they chose to put them tonight. I thought it was cute how they lined them all up.

Before naptime I took the girls into my art studio for the FIRST time. They were thrilled. They had fun coloring with "mommy's colors."

Then they saw my panda bears from when I was a kid. Wow, it was as big as them. This is Maddie trying to pick it up.

Maddie was concentrating hard on the colors.

Izzie and one of the Panda Bears.

I love this shot of Izzie!

Izzie and Maddie splashing after naptime.

Maddie & Izzie

Izzie and Maddie singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Izzie and Maddie

Baking Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Funny, this morning when I woke up, I didn't know it was going to be a special morning. A morning that I didn't even know I was waiting for ever since I found out I was having a baby (or two.) This morning I didn't have any plans. And for anyone who knows me even remotely this is just not cool. I have a bit of my Mema in me and I cannot sit still for long. I'm always doing. So this morning we were just hanging out and my brain was turning trying to decide what was in store for the morning. I was thinking of setting up the sprinkler for the girls. I was about to go that direction when...

Izzie brought me her cookbook (it's a board book that Nanna bought them a few months ago.) She pointed to the cookie and said, "COOKIE!" Now this isn't new. They have both been saying cookie for a long time now. But... those wheels in my head clicked and with a big smile on my face (without REALLY knowing what I was about to get into) I asked Izzie if she would like to MAKE a cookie. Too bad we didn't have the stuff to make the cookie from her book, but I really don't think they minded. My kitchen was only a half mess, so why not make more mess? We made the cookies from the lid on the oatmeal box (minus the raisins, because I didn't have any.)

We started with the butter, which was frozen. I had the girls help me unwrap it so we could defrost it in the microwave. At this point they really didn't understand what "game" we were playing and Maddie almost took off with a stick of butter to the living room. At least it was frozen!
Then I got out a big bowl and we measured out ingredients. I'd scoop out the sugar, flour, etc and let them pour it into the bowl. By the way, the bowl was sitting on a footstool so it would be at their height. Their table was too tall, with the bowl sitting on top of it. More ingredients got in the bowl when they could stand over it. I used a 1/2 cup measure for everything so we could count as we poured. They really liked watching the eggs go in (I did that myself, they aren't up to egg cracking yet!)

At first they were scared of the hand mixer, but I encouraged them to help me hold it and that was met with a huge excitement. After everything was mixed, we did take it to their table with the cookie sheet. Then they helped me make balls. This was FUN. This dough turned out to be a great consistency for their hands. We did a great job making balls for the most part, with help with Mom. The recipe didn't say to squish them flat, but the ones that Izzie squished flat actually cooked better in my opinion.

Then we put them in the HOT oven. We had an awesome lesson on HOT and NO TOUCH, DANGER. They stood back 2 feet while I opened the oven and slid the cookies in. Then they had fun watching the cookies in the oven (for a few minutes.) Well, they had to cook for 12 minutes in which time they lost complete interest. When the cookies came out, I just went ahead and pulled them out since I knew they would have to cool. A few minutes later Izzie remembered the cookies and asked about them. I told her they were hot and she had to wait. She actually went off to play for a bit more! When they were cool, each girl got a cookie and they were really proud. They did know that they made them. While we were eating we talked about how we had to stir, mix, pour and bake.

I'm seriously getting teary eyed! I love cooking and I'm so excited to share it with my girls. They had such a good time and they did such a great job! Really and truly there is hardly any mess to clean up (Not that that is important!) but we had a great time. I only wish I had a personal photographer capturing every moment. But I have learned that sometimes in life you've got to live it and rely on the memories not the camera. That being said, I did get some photos!

Izzie watching the cookies bake.

This is my favorite shape.

We didn't quite lay them out in pretty rows!

Izzie was so sweet to share her cookie, I told her that she could eat it all herself. I'm not really sure if she was sharing or showing, now that I think about it!

Izzie and Maddie are so proud of their cookies!