Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour of Pools

Yesterday, after we played outside in the sprinkler and kiddie pool, I was trying to decide what to do. I finally joined the fold and have started using FaceBook. Apparently, I'm not the last person on Earth to join, but probably close. Anyway, I posted a message on FB asking if anyone was up for anything fun to do. I almost immediately got a reply from a friend reminding me of a playdate that was on the Wylie Moms calendar that I had forgotten about. (I also got an invite to join another Mom at the pool!) Super excited, I RSVP'd 30 minutes before the playdate was supposed to start. Turns out, that everyone else had to cancel at the last moment, so I'm glad I was able to join Gabriela and her kids at their house to just hang out. As it turned out, she lives right around the corner from me, so we walked over. It was a perfect way to spend our morning. I am so in love with computer networking. Seriously, being a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) isn't like the old days. I love being able to connect with other busy moms from around my city, state, country and even the world!

Maddie made herself right at home playing with Lucas's toys.

Lucas and Izzie who is sporting a "hat."

When Daddy came home, he made sure to spend some time playing with the girls, I don't seem to have many pics of him tossing the girls in the air, so I was glad to have snapped this one. (He loves rough housing with them and he can get Maddie to smile and laugh harder than anyone else!)

This morning the family went on a Tour of Pools. Seems like we (as in I) misplaced our swim card from last summer. I thought it was in John's car, but it's not. Therefore, we were going to have to beg our way in to the pool. We wanted to get there early before the crowds, so that didn't bode well for having someone there to let us in. We went by one pool, there was only one lady there who was asleep sunbathing. I wasn't about to wake her up to ask her to let us in, since technically she isn't supposed to. I figured it'd not endear her to us. So, we went to the Splash Pool in our neighbohood (which predictably wasn't working) but there was a security/maintance man there so we kept on driving, I knew HE wasn't going to let us in. We drove by Mom's house (who is out of town) but I guess the rain we had last week messed her pool up. It was pretty green, so we ended up thinking we were just going to go splash in our own backyard. We passed the 1st pool we went to and saw that there were 2 families swimming. So, I was able to get someone to open the gate for us! Maddie and Izzie had a grand time running around and splashing.


Izzie patting Daddy's head.



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Anonymous said...

Your daughters are so cute!! My twins are about your girls age, 19 months. Water play is the best my boys love it. We are so happy to be able to play in the water again, because one of my boys just recently got his cast removed.

Stopping by from MoM.