Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When Art & Excercise Meet

This morning as I'm sitting at my computer checking my email, the girls are running around the downstairs engaged in their morning play. Most mornings the girls are playing together or at least near each other. Today is remarkably different. It shows that they are developing their own interests. Maddie is playing with her baby doll and trying on myshoes. She is also walking around talking on her phone.

Maddie wearing Mommy's shoes.

Izzie has been reading her books and playing with her magna doodle. She is running to me with it and then asking me to draw a picture. At which point she grabs it and RUNS into the kitchen to her table and finishes my drawing. This has been repeated about 15 times already. She has asked me to draw: a circle, square, sun, ducky, chair (that one was hard to figure out, she ended up pointing to a chair), toes (!?!), a flower (that one was at least 3 times), and a fish. The last time she handed me the "doodle" as we call it, I drew a happy face with a circle around it. She studied it for a second, then exclaimed, "DADDY!" Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up.

Babe-- this is what you look like in your daughter's eye. Or perhaps she just has a really good imagination?

Izzie reading.

Of course, they still like to play together.

Maddie and Izzie pushing their babies. Maddie is giving Big Bunny a bottle.

Time to read together. Izzie and Maddie.

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