Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twin Language

I wanted to share a moment of sharing. (By the way, I'm not feeling so grea this evening so if I don't make any sense that is why, but I wanted to write this down!)

In the last few days the girls are using so many words. They are communicating left and right. Again this is a mixture of signing and actual spoken words. Today a little before naptime, Maddie had on three necklaces. The Mardi Gras beads type. Izzie saw that Maddie had all of them and she wanted one. So she did what most toddlers would do, she grabbed for it. I told her, "No, that's Maddie's right now but you can ask her if she will share with you" (While doing the share sign.)

And she did! She turned to Maddie and signed Share. Maddie very carefully removed one of the three necklaces and handed it to Izzie. I told Izzie to say thank you (sign). And she did. Then Maddie decided she wasn't so happy sharing afterall and tried to grab the necklace back. I told Maddie she needed to wait (sign) and that it was Izzie's turn with the pretty necklace. She thought about it, did the wait sign herself and went off to go play with something else. It was a very neat interaction because it was an almost full, real converstation between the girls. They are understanding so much each and every day!

I wasn't sure if I belived in Twin Language or Twin Talk until I had twins of my own. I'm not sure if they actually make up a language of if they just intuitavily know what each other is saying. Ever since they were really little (10 months maybe?) they would point to something, jabber and then the other girl would look and start laughing. Who knows what they were talking about? Now, I see them jabber at each other and then the other girl will go get something (such as her sister's sippy cup or stuffed animal) and bring it back to her. They aren't speaking English but they know what each other wants. It is pretty amazing to watch. They do get frustrated when they jabber to me and I don't understand!

(This post was started last night and finished this morning, I didn't want to go back and change all the tenses, so that is why it might be confusing.)

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