Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Rain

What a spectacular day we've had. The morning started off at a full run and we didn't slow down until naptime. The girls slept in until 8 am which hasn't happened in a couple of weeks. It gave me the opportunity to sleep in which I needed after two busy late nights in a row. (Last night was the July Board meeting for PAMOM and I didn't get home until after 10.) Anyway, after breakfast I decided to take the girls on a walk around our neighborhood. Last summer I took them on walks almost every single day, but this summer I haven't been doing that. I wanted to go before it got too hot, so we were out the door by nine.

After our walk, I loaded the girls straight from their wagon into the car and we went to half price books. I got them a couple of Curious George Books plus a few other selections as well. Then we went to Carter's to look at their swimsuits since they were 60% off and the girls have outgrown their 18 month swimsuits that I bought at the beginning of the summer. They only had 2 swimsuits left in size 24 months! I'm glad I liked them. I was going to get coordinating instead of matching, but they were literally sold out of almost everything.

After Carter's I took the girls in their stroller over to the big grassy lawn that is in the middle of our outdoor mall. It has a creek lining one side of the grass area so I've always been hesitant to let the girls go free. But I was feeling brave so I took them out of the stroller. We played "Stop and Go!" our new "game" that helps me have the girls listen to me. They don't fully stop on stop yet, but we are getting there. They of course love the GO! part. I also told them to "Come to Mommy" or "Come give Mommy a High Five!" just to practice having them come to me when I call. Then I told them to hold my hands and we went to stand on the edge of the creek and watch the waterfall. Thankfully Maddie didn't decide to jump in! It was sweltering hot by this time (almost 11) so we loaded back up into the stroller, then the car and headed home. After lunch, we played for a bit, read our new stories and then it was naptime.

The girls slept for 3 hours today at nap. I think our busy morning wore them out! I actually woke them up at 4, since I still want them to go down at 7 tonight. They woke up in good moods though so that was great. After a snack of crackers with a soft garlic cheese we got into our brand new swimsuits to play in the small swimming pool & sandbox in our backyard. John came out to watch for a minute and he said he thought he felt a rain drop. The wind had picked up but I figured he must have just felt the girls splash him. Then there were a couple more drops. Still not thinking too much of it, we continued to play, and had just barely got in the sandbox when the sky opened. We quickly got the girls dusted off and we ran inside. It continued to rain for a good hour! It was just so unexpected. One of those weird rains where it is still sunny outside.

The girls just finished dinner and they are playing with Daddy, who is getting ready to leave in a few minutes for a company dinner. I'm about to go start baths and the bedtime routine. Like I said before, it's been a good day.


Maddie in the sandbox.

Izzie and Maddie. Maddie was filling the pool with the hose, she barely even had a chance to get in before the rain.

Maddie and Izzie

Maddie and Izzie. I love this picture!

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Those are really cute swimsuits!