Monday, July 27, 2009

Separating Twins

After lunch Maddie asked to brush her teeth.

Izzie wanted to brush her too of course!

Ever since they could first walk, I've had them put up their milk after each meal. I leave space on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It's their "chore." I'll graduate to them handing me their plates and putting them in the sink/dishwasher one of these days.

I was modeling to Maddie how to read to her bunny. Encouraging some of that independent play and imagination. She put him in the chair and started reading the book to him!

Then both Maddie and Izzie grabbed their bunny/teddy and put them in the high chair and cradle. Here is Maddie showing Bunny the microphone. I'm not sure if Bunny was supposed to sing into it or eat it??

This has been a really good day. John worked from home because he was being cautious and didn't want to infect the rest of the office with this dreadful stomach bug. We didn't have any symptoms of it today, but just in case we were still contagious, he decided to play it safe. It was nice having him around, I got to see a lot of his work. He was super busy with phone calls and emails and such so I didn't really get to talk to him much. I think he said he answered 85 emails today, not to mention the conference calls he was on throughout the day. The girls were in super moods too. I was worried about keeping them quiet while John was working, but they were in such cheery spirits it wasn't difficult at all.

One thing that was terrific about today was the balance of independent play and mommy play. I really like to encourage the girls to play by themselves and have started telling them that, "Momma has to work for a few minutes, you need to go play by yourself." I try for a 15 minute increment and sometimes I'm surprised with a 30-45 minute window! After they play by themselves I make sure we do something super fun together, whether it is go outside, play blocks together, read a book, etc. I tell them "Thank you for playing by yourself, now it's time to play with Momma!" Some days this all goes very well (like today) and somedays I'm lucky if I get one 15 minute "work" time.

After naptime, I realized I needed to run to Walgreens for an item I was out of. I didn't really want to take both girls because it was raining, and John and I had talked recently about taking one girl out at a time again. I figured a quick trip to Walgreens would be a good experiment. The hard part is trying to decide who to take without making a big deal out of it. I chose Maddie for this trip. Then she woke up from nap crying a storm. I almost changed my mind and took Izzie, but didn't want to over analyze the situation. Maddie calmed down and we said bye to Izzie and Daddy. I told Izzie she got to spend some special time with Daddy. He was going to read a book to her or color or some such activity.

Maddie was terrific at the store. I let her walk with me instead of carrying her or putting her in a cart. She held my hand through the entire store and was looking around in absolute wonder. At the checkout the lady told me how cute she was and she got so shy! They are so used to people talking to/at them and it normally doesn't faze them. But she didn't have sissy with her and she got so shy with the attention. Very interesting. When we got back to the car, she asked me where Izzie was and I told her she was with Daddy.

When I got home I asked John how it went with Izzie. (When the girls were really tiny I'd take one at a time, but they weren't really aware of each other back then.) One look at Izzie and I don't think I can ever separate my girls ever, ever again. She looked like her best friend had died. I'm not exaggerating. The look on her face made my heart hurt. I asked John what happened. He said he tried to do something with her, but she just sat in his lap with this look on her face the whole time. I've never seen Izzie look like this, it was the saddest expression I have ever seen. No tears or anything, just this long sad face. I just hugged her for five minutes after we got home. She was so quiet the rest of the evening.

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