Monday, July 13, 2009

Pump It Up Jr.

Izzie on the bounce obstacle course

Maddie in "her" mini-coup.

Maddie and Izzie bouncing... too bad Izzie is fuzzy!

Funny pic of Izzie that I snapped.

Maddie getting ready this morning, Izzie waiting her turn in the background.

This morning I took the girls to Pump It Up, Jr. with my Wylie Moms Group. Last time we went, Grandma and Grandpa came with us. The girls liked it back then, but it was a bit scary for them. This time around it was less scary. I wasn't sure I was going to go, but at the last minute decided they were a bit bigger and it was worth another try. Both girls got nervous when we first went in the play room, but the music was super loud and I think it was a bit overwhelming. We got them to cut the music down, and then eventually off and everyone (the other kids too) were much more happy. The carpet is black with the words Pump It Up, Jr. printed on it along with circles and stars. To distract the girls I asked showed them all the stars on the floor. Stars, Hearts and Circles are their new favorite word/shape. So this was very exciting.

Now that they were happy, it was time to play! Maddie claimed the mini-coup. She stayed in that thing almost the whole time we were there. She did bounce a bit, but the car was the bigger hit. Izzie's favorite was the 12 foot slide. Surprised me, since so far they really have not enjoyed slides that much. She had me take her up it over an over. She couldn't climb to the top by herself, and let me share something with you. It is not easy to climb a bounce house ladder using a rope while holding a 25lb toddler. But I did it for my girl. Who was so excited about the slide that after the first run, she wanted to slide down by herself.

My girls are getting so big. Just three months ago, when we went, it was a different experience. This time they were excited to get on most of the things but they still aren't big enough to do it themselves. I've started to notice that they are starting to interact with other kids. Like when a little boy wanted a turn in the mini-coup and Maddie said, "No." Of course, I told her to share, and distracted her to bounce a while, but still... And a little girl (maybe 3.5 yrs?) wanted to hold Izzie's hand and Izzie looked at me to see if it was okay, then went off to the bounce house with her. They are getting to be big girls.

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