Saturday, July 18, 2009

Party times Four

We were invited to Casey's Quadruplet's 1 1/2 year old birthday party. For their first birthday party, they weren't allowed to have many people over because it was RSV season and her kids were born premature and still at risk for getting very sick. Casey wanted to have a big party though. So, the 1 1/2 year party was thrown. It was perfect. She had a mini-pool set up and some sprinklers, a water table, bubbles and other fun activties. It was very casual and the kids just got to run around and do whatever interested them at the moment. She even had sno-cones from Bahama Bucks. The girls were pretty shy, but they did play in the pool for a little while. They loved eating my and John's sno-cones. We didn't end up staying the entire lenght of the party because they got super clingy after about an hour and wanted us to hold them. They are getting way to heavy to hold for extended amounts of time, so we decided it was time to head home. I said my good byes (setting up some playdates for next week as I headed out.)

Once we got home, since they were still in their suits, I was going to let them play in the sandbox and our mini-pool for a bit before dinner. Well, our sandbox needs a bit of help. It isn't draining properly and it is more like quick sand than play sand. The girls did NOT like quicksand (and really, who can blame them??) So we quickly changed plans and did swimming only. That was fun and lasted 30-40 minutes until dinnertime. Now they are running around the house with towels on their heads, a favorite game of theirs.

Daddy, Maddie and Izzie sharing a sno-cone.

Maddie and Izzie playing in the mini-pool at Casey's house.

Maddie and Izzie watching bubbles.

This is the best (not saying much) picture of the girls with the Birthday Quads (The four kids in the middle of the shot) I tried sneaking around to the front of the group to get a better picture, but it didn't work out.

Maddie on the way home.

Maddie chillin in the chaise lounge back home.

Izzie clapping.

Izzie riding her bike.

A cute picture of Ripley.

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