Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Party at Miguel and Becky's House

Last night John and I went to a party at one of his co-workers houses. We had a really great time. Miguel and Becky are just really fun people to be around. Their house is absolutely gorgeous and I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of the laundry room that is in the back of their master closet! Mig makes some pretty great fajita's too. John brought Rock Band and they set it up and after dinner we all took turns playing and singing. Yes, even I sang a song. The evening was over way too soon.

Mom and Chris babysat the girls for us (Thank You!!!!) and they said their evening went great too. Since we didn't get home until 11, we didn't hang around and visit, so I'll have to hear the details today.

Brock, Alan, Penny and Ken's daughter Hope on the back porch.

Hanging around the chip bowl. Ken is "talking" to hope on a walky talky phone.

Joe helping Mig finish up the fajitas.

Sitting around talking. (James K, Ken, Joe, Alan and Art)

Mig and Katie singing.

The volume on this is pretty loud...

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Miguel (Sixthblade) said...

It was great to see you guys again - we really enjoy hanging with you.

And that was one fun evening!!

I think I may apply to Bon Jovi - you know - as a back-vocals singer ... NOT!!

Glad you enjoyed the fajitas ... hope to see you again soon!!

- Mig