Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothin' but Net

I did not show the girls this hoop, the must have watched an older kid do it, but I looked over and both girls were shooting baskets like pros. (Izzie)

Izzie had no reservations about going after her ball when it rolled under a bounce house!

Izzie and Maddie



I have to start off by mentioning that my girls are now 19 months old today. Yes, I know, I promised John I would stop counting months after 18 months, but how can I? They are my babies! Just think when they are 19 yrs and I say, "OH... today they are 228 months old today!" I might get some strange looks, so I guess somewhere between 19 months and 19 years I'll stop counting in months.

At 19 months they have such a big vocab that I can't even count how many words they are saying. Izzie loves Elmo, puzzles and reading. Maddie's favorite things right now are: dress-up, blocks and reading too. They like dancing and they still eat like champs. Although, one day they may love a food and the next day they say, "no." They are signing up a storm. They are learning signs as fast as I'm teaching them (and learning them myself!) They love to give each other kisses and hugs. They look out for each other. If one girl is thirsty, she goes and gives her sister her water before she goes and drinks her own. Every single day I think they grow and grow!

This morning I met a couple of friends at Bounce U another indoor bounce house place. This one is for a bit older kids than Pump It Up, Jr. but the girls still had fun. We only lasted about an hour and then I could see they were getting very worn out. Since the place was almost right across the street from Grandma and Grandpa's house, I gave them a call to see if they wanted a short visit. Grandma was out, but Grandpa said, come on over! We played and had lunch for an hour and then headed home for naptime.

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