Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning started way to early today

Last night was the July PAMOM meeting. It was a great meeting. We had a lady from Kindermusik come and talk to us and I won a Gift Card towards an 8 wk music class for the girls! It starts in September. We also had a speaker from Love & Logic come to talk to us about their discipline approach. I like a lot of L&L's principles but don't agree with everything they say. After reading the book, it was good to hear from a person who is "trained" in their method. I picked up some good tips that I'll incorporate into our life. The dinner last night was delicious! It was catered in from Buca Di Beppo and was terrific, I love how PAMOM gives a nice meal at our meeting!

Anyway, after the meeting, I stood around to catch up on some board info. As I've mentioned before, I'm the Newsletter Editor this year. I'm also working with the board to get PAMOM a new fresh looking logo and new brochures, business cards, etc. I didn't get home until almost 10:30, at which point Mom (who was watching the girls last night) and I got into a long visit. Well, long for the time of night it was. I didn't get to bed until midnight. Then I had a horrible time falling asleep since my brain was still thinking of the meeting. The girls didn't sleep well, they were tossing and turning and making all sort of peeps. And then Ripley and Jake got into a huge dog/cat fight this morning at 6 AM. Izzie slept through it all, but Maddie did not go back to sleep. I went ahead and got her up at 6:30, since it was obvious she wasn't going back to sleep. Izzie ended up sleeping until 8:30 when we woke her up.

I have to admit it was fun spending time with just Maddie. Even though I was sporting a headache from lack of sleep and was a bit fuzzy brained, we had a great, quiet morning. She was so different without sissy around! She kept asking for sissy, but after I reassured her sissy was okay and just going night-night, Maddie and I had some great bonding time. We were reading books and she was pointing to everything telling me what it was. She was SO talkative. She's usually so quiet. I know she knows a lot of words but she just doesn't ramble on like Izzie does. This morning she did. She played Peek-a-Boo with me too. She put on Daddy's hat which covered her eyes, then she'd lift it up and say, "BOO!" It was so cute!

We were supposed to go to a Splash Party this morning, and I'm very sad to miss it, but with the lack of sleep the girls are very cranky. Even though Izzie slept in, she didn't sleep well and she and Maddie have been squabbling over everything. I think if we went to the playdate it would be a meltdown waiting to happen. They are watching Elmo right now for some quiet time (for them and me!) I think it'll be an early naptime today too.

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