Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More fun at Collin Creek mall

This morning I took the girls to meet Ashley and her girls at the Collin Creek Mall play area. I think I like Willowbend Mall play area better, now that I've been to both a couple of times. I guess I like the WB one more because it's bigger. The CC play area is nice for 18 month olds though because it has more slides. But that is rambling a bit. Like usual the girls had a great time. Maddie especially was in her own little world. She tuned me out and was playing hard. Izzie had to keep making sure I was still around. After playing for awhile we went into a few stores. Ashley bought a new cell phone and I was tempted to go into a kids clothing store, but resisted the temptation!

We then ate lunch at the food court. The girls did a great job. I gave each of them half of a peanut butter/wheat germ/apricot jelly sandwich. I've started adding wheat germ sprinkles here and there because apparently the stuff is packed with nutrition. I think I'm going to have to start making two sandwiches though, because they polished off between the two of them equally:
  • 1 sandwich
  • 1/2 an apple
  • 1.5 oz (aprox) of cheese
  • 1 nutrigrain bar
  • and various and sundry bites off my plate.
I think they got full, but if I had kept offering more food, I got the impression they would have eaten even more.

I'm sad that Maddie isn't looking at the camera and it's a bit out of focus, but there are so few pics of me with my girls.

Right when we got to the mall, one of Maddie's ponytails snapped. So, I had to undo her pig-tails. Since I had used hairspray this morning, her hair had this wild but cute flip in it!

A picture of all of us together. Lila, Zella, Izzie and Maddie with Ashley and myself.


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