Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing Daddy

Maddie and Izzie helping me cook this morning. Izzie sat in my big pot and Maddie wanted to, also. So she is sitting on a smaller pot.

Izzie watching Mister David.

Maddie got off of my lap for the 3 seconds it took me to take this photo of her watching Mister David. I wish the library had put a sheet or something behind him, or turned the audience a bit. With the back lighting it was really hard to see him or his puppets.

His finalle was a balloon hat, the kids loved that. It even caught the attention of my girls.

Sabrina loved all the "new" toys!

Today was a day of ups and downs. John has been out of town since Tuesday but he comes back tonight! We miss him so much. The girls are now at an age when they have started to notice he's gone. They keep asking where's Daddy and looking at his chair in the office. Today, especially, I think Maddie was missing him a lot. She had several meltdowns. One this morning as we were leaving the library after watching a performance from Mister David a children's singer/puppeteer. And another big fit when we left Nana and Popo's house to come home to go to bed. I thought she was pulling the second fit because it was so close to bedtime, and I do think that had a lot to do with it. But when we pulled up in the driveway, both girls sat up tall in their carseats and said, "Daddy?!?" I had to tell them he was still at "work" and Maddie started crying all over again. They are already down for the night and he won't be home for a bit yet so they have to wait until he gets home from work tomorrow to see him. I know this is just as hard for him as it is for them. He misses his "baby girls" all three of them he says. On the plus side, both girls went straight to sleep tonight after the busy day I had for them.

So, like I said, this morning my sis-in-law Julie invited us to go see Mister David at the Sachse Library with Sammy and Sabrina. This was the first time I took the girls to an event like this. I think they did okay, but not super terrific. I made the mistake of trying to get them to sit on the floor instead of my lap. I was hot and sweaty and just wanted space. But they thought I was going to leave them, so it made them extra clingy. Especially Maddie. Izzie ended up doing pretty well. After the show, Julie and company came back to my house for lunch. Sammy had to check out Uncle John's Garage. Ever since he was a toddler he's been facinated with garages. It must be the boy equivilant of a secret garden or something. I was happy to oblige. My garage is a messy wonderland to a kid anyway, so many baby toys, and random boxes. Sabrina was an absolute doll and going to be a computer whiz just like her Uncle. She found my computer in .2 seconds and was "browsing" the interent. No worries, Maddie and Izzie probably taught her how!

After naptime, we went over to Mom's house for a bit of swimming and dinner. Mom bought the girls some new blocks for her house. They are different than the blocks they've played with before so it was a WAY cool toy. After another meltdown from tired Maddie, we headed home and went straight to bed, do not pass go or the bathtub. I think they were asleep even before I had the door closed.

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Seren Dippity said...

The girls looked so precious today in those darling sun-dresses you made for them. I still can't believe you sewed them from scratch - bloomers, buttonholes and all! The ponytails were the perfect topper. SO cute!

Although I do wish we had gotten a photo of them in just their swim diapers and sun hats. That's a pose that just screams SUMMERTIME!