Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maddie & Izzie

A rare photo of Maddie and Izzie sitting close together and both looking at the camera. Mom took this, this morning while she was watching the girls. I had to make an hour long phone call to the president of PAMOM, Tina, to go over proof reading the August issue of the newsletter. We normally do the call after all kids are in bed, but this go around morning was the only time that worked. Thanks for watching the girls mom!


Tammi said...

Oh they are soo cute!! I can't wait for the day when my twins will sit and LOOK at the camera!

grandma said...

They have grown so much the last week! We miss them so much. We are talking about them to everyone! We showed the video to all...about 50 people! Kiss them for us! See you in a week!

Donna said...

A rare find indeed!! I have preciosu few of those as well!

Your girls are so adorable! love 'em!