Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maddie is not feeling well

This evening Jackie and Tom stopped by to visit before they head to Wisconsin for two weeks. (They leave on Saturday.) Originally we were going to go too, but decided it was best for us to be home right now. John's job has had a lot of changes this past month and it's not the time for vacation. We're going to hopefully be able to plan another vacation for September. We are sad to not be going to Wisconsin for the family reunion, but think that in the end it is the best decision for now. So anyway, Jackie and Tom wanted to see the girls (and us, I'm sure...) one more time before hitting the road with Grandma, Julie, Chris, Sammy and Sabrina. Dana, Cody and Lucy are going to be flying to meet them.

I made a very yummy shepherd's pie for dinner and a yummy banana bread for dessert. We were hanging around visiting and just playing with the girls. Maddie kept saying 'poo-poo' but didn't have any to show for it. So I figured she must be having some tummy troubles or was constipated. Overall she wasn't acting too differently than usual though. I got dinner all ready and sat Maddie down to eat. She immediately got sick. She was white as a sheet. Poor thing. We got her cleaned up and she sat with us at dinner and ate 2 bites of toast. After dinner we let the girls watch Elmo. I got her to eat a few bites of applesauce. We took them up to bed at normal time and gave them a bath. I think there was too much jostling because we'd barely put her in the crib and she was sick again. She's been asleep for an hour and half now, so hopefully she will sleep through the night. My poor little baby. She sure didn't look good tonight.

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Allison said...

Oh sounds like that stomach flu that is going around. All of us got it actually but it was the hardest on the kids. Lots of puking and changing sheets. Thankfully it lasts 24 hours and then it's gone. Hopefully it's not what she has and Izzy won't get it too. Hope they feel better! :)