Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just some pictures

It's been a busy time for us. Lots of things going on. I'm excited to be spending time with family on the fourth. My Mema and Pepaw and Great Uncle Waylon are coming for a visit tomorrow. Then on Saturday we are spending the day with most of John's local relatives (the list is long.) It's a good time to spend with family. I'm looking forward to BBQ, watermelon, parades and fireworks. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone...

Little pudgy hands.

Maddie in the morning.

Izzie with her "doodle."

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Liv'sMom said...

It's funny that you posted the shoe video today. Olivia was attempting to put her daddy's shoes on today as well, while saying "Dada, dada." Izzy also says sock just like Olivia as well! They are so cute at this age aren't they?