Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Wednesday... I think.

BREAKING NEWS: Maddie (at 1 yr, 6 mo, 3 wks and 4 days) PeePee'd in the Potty for the VERY first time tonight!!!!!

and on to your normal broadcast....

Thinking back, I think last week I was complaining that I didn't have enough to do. Apparently I complained too loud. The universe heard and boy did I get things to do this week. We've been non-stop! Seriously, what day is it even? Monday we went to Pump It Up, Jr., Tuesday was "boring" with a shopping trip, but I had PAMOM in the evening. This morning I was invited to go to a Splash Party that I had to miss, regrettably. The thing with toddlers is, you don't always get to do what YOU want to do. We didn't get much sleep last night, so I didn't think taking them to a new place with lots of kids running around was a good idea. I could feel "MELTDOWN" in my bones. Sometimes Mommy instinct warns you away from some situations. So even though the little toddler in me wanted so bad to go play, the Mommy in me said, Not A Good Idea. Hopefully next time though!!

Anyway, sorry for the tangent. We ended up having a low key morning. But this evening we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and even got to see Nanny along with the rest of the family. Tomorrow my sis-in-law, Julie invited me to go see Mister David at the library. He sings songs and does puppets I hear. Then tomorrow night it's over to my Moms house for swimming and dinner. Friday. Oh Friday. I've had two invitations for the morning. (I'm hopefully spending it with my friend Ashley and her two girls), and I've had THREE invitations for Friday night. Two parties and dinner with a friend. I turned dinner with the friend into Brunch on Saturday and am attending one of the parties. Then Saturday afternoon, John, the girls and I are going to a birthday party for my friend Casey's Quads. Sunday morning Jackie and Tom are coming over for a bit and then John has D&D on Sunday evening. At this point I don't want to do ANYTHING on Monday. (Well, anyone who knows me, knows that isn't true. I'll think I don't want to do anything on Monday, until Monday morning around 9:30 am, where I'll go... "man, I wish I had something to DO!")

Here are some pics from today:

Izzie, "Hum... what should I make?"

Maddie, Where you can play sports and still wear a fashionable necklace.

Izzie doing some light reading before dinner.

After dinner clean up. Izzie got the broom!

Maddie took a turn too.

Grandma with Lucy.

Grandpa sneaking Sabrina an apple pie... then again, she did eat her dinner (and everyone else's too!)

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Candace Hickey said...

We missed you yesterday....

I am jealous about the pee pee in the potty!!! he he he

Can you send your girls to my house for some sweeping in my kitchen?