Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's one of those long mornings

Izzie and Maddie drawing on the driveway with chalk.

Maddie and Izzie in their mini-coup shopping cart.

The girls woke up early this morning and Izzie is teething. Perhaps that is what woke her up? I'm not sure, but she's been a grouch. I'm so thankful that for the most part I usually only have one cranky girl at a time. They seem to sense that Mom can only handle so much. So, Maddie has been a sweet pea this morning. I used up the last drop of milk at breakfast so I loaded up the girls and we went to Kroger this morning. I usually do my shopping at Target, but I like Kroger too, and I heard they had really cool carts that I wanted to check out. (As a side note: Before kids, I could care less about the cart at any store. Now half of the reason for going to any particular store at any time is dependent on what cart they have!)

The girls loved the mini-coup cart. They each had their own steering wheel and their own horns. Plus they had straps! I also have to give this cart high marks for maneuverability! Target has carts with two seaters (that are boring and the girls kick each other) and they are hard to move. If I use those carts I don't have to do an upper body workout at the gym that day. These carts while I would say "spin on a dime" sure can move (for their size.) Anyway, we were back home by 9:30. I usually leave the house by 9:30 to do my activity for the morning, not return at that time.

Luckily the weather is beautiful today. We gathered up our water and our sidewalk chalk and drew pictures on the driveway. The girls are officially pros at identifying and saying: Circle, Square, Oval, Triangle, Star and Heart. I'm not sure what age they should be able to do shapes but I think 19 months is pretty impressive. I love the way Maddie says circle. It sounds more like Kirk-le. Chalk drawing lasted about 20 minutes and now (after giving Izzie something for her poor gums) are playing happily for a few minutes.

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