Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harry Potter at the Studio Movie Grill

Maddie and Izzie eating dinner.

Maddie being silly with Popo.

Popo reading Izzie and Maddie a book.

Last night was Date Night for John and I. We don't schedule out our date nights, but we do try to have one at least once a month, more if possible. It's so awesome that we have so many family members near by that allow us to go out without having to hire a babysitter. Plus the girls love spending time with their grandparents. Last night, Mom and Chris (Nanna and Popo) came to watch the girls so John and I could go to the Studio Movie Grill in Plano to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. We had a good time, and I think the movie was pretty good.

When I got home, Mom told me to look at the camera. So I did. She had taken a ton of photos of the girls during the evening. Which I love! It's so cool to see how they are when I'm not around. It seems like that they had a pretty good evening without Momma and Daddy!

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Amy said...

so fun! I loved the newest Harry Potter movie!