Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating the Fourth

What a fun fourth. Mema, Pepaw and my Great Uncle Waylon (Mema's brother) came to visit yesterday. John grilled Fajitas and we just hung around my house playing with the girls. It was a fun evening.

Today, we went to John's Grandma's house for the annual Sparkman Club Neighborhood Parade and BBQ. The parade was good this year with old timey cars, decorated golf carts, bicycles and floats. There was a Rock Band Float that John liked, my favorite was Christmas in July with The Grinch who Stole Christmas. There was even a Recession Float. They did a good job this year. The girls had a great time, with Izzie saying, "WOW" as the parade went by. Sammy's favorite was the fire engine at the beginning. At lunch Maddie ate everything in sight. Somehow (the magic of our in car DVD player) we made it home with NO sleeping! Therefore we got a decent nap out of the girls. We are headed back over to Mom's house in a while to see Mema, Pepaw and Waylon a bit more before they head home.

Pepaw, Izzie and Mema.

Daddy, Popo and Maddie

The only shot I got of Waylon with Mema and Pepaw.

Pepaw helping Maddie and Izzie draw on their Doodles.

Mema playing with Izzie. Maddie behind her.

Grandma (Nanny) waiting for the parade (and for the family to join her outside!)

Izzie, John and Maddie waiting for the neighborhood parade to go by.

At the clubhouse after the parade. Daddy was in line getting us BBQ. We had to wait SO patiently, until Nanny gave us some of her food! (Maddie, Izzie)

Izzie, Sabrina and Maddie wearing 4th of July hats, a tradition in the Dittlinger household.

Lawn chairs and snacks, another 4th tradition.

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