Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Momma and Maddie. Maddie kept bringing me bows yesterday. She was in a super girly mood. She had 2-3 bows going on, 2 bracelets and her shoes. I really need to put a mirror in their toy room, I just keep forgetting to buy one!

This morning I pulled out the girls Legos (or blocks) and they had so much fun! I don't keep these out all the time, because they get everywhere and that drives me insane. Plus they can't play with them if one is under the table, one under the fridge, etc. So it makes it more special and fun to pull them out. Well this morning, I pulled out the extra bag I had in the garage and about tripled the amount of blocks they are used to playing with. Izzie kept saying, "wow!" which I think is her new favorite word. When I notice that they are starting to get bored with the blocks, I tell them it's time to put them up. I got out their bag and they help me put the blocks up and we count them as they go in.

Izzie and Maddie


Maddie and Izzie

Izzie taking a break from building to pet Ripley. Their other new favorite word, "Ripee!" or "ReeRee!"

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