Thursday, July 9, 2009


This morning has been full of activities. The girls are in a stage where they aren't playing independently for very long. We've noticed that this have fluctuated in cycles for awhile. They will play happily for up to an hour by themselves in the toy room every day for a week or two, and then suddenly it seems like that they can't play 5 minutes by themselves, meaning they want Momma or Daddy to play with them. Today is definitely one such day. I think Izzie is teething again this morning, she keeps sucking on her hand and drooling like crazy. Not to mention they aren't sleeping well, because they keep coughing a lot during the night. So we spent the morning playing playdoh, puzzles, blocks, books and just general play.


Maddie. Notice her fashion statement of the morning.

Maddie and Izzie working on puzzles together. Well, until Maddie started flinging pieces every direction while Izzie was trying to put the puzzle together. By the way, this is all BEFORE breakfast. It was a very looooong morning.

After breakfast we played with blocks for awhile. This is Izzie making a cool contraption.

Maddie concentrating hard on her block tower.

Then all of a sudden Maddie was done. She went and grabbed the block bag and started picking up without me saying anything. Izzie wasn't done, but Maddie convinced her to put up her blocks too.

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