Wednesday, July 8, 2009

About my Last Entry

I was re-reading my last entry, I do that on occasion. Usually I'm too busy, I'm doing good to get the post up, much less proof it, much to the annoyance of my dear Mom and personal proof reader. Anyway, like I was saying before, I re-read what I wrote tonight. Then I started to laugh. You know, it was a good day. But to anyone who doesn't have kids, what I wrote isn't the whole picture. Sometimes I think of the differences between Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) and Working Moms. I think both are hard jobs. I'm not even going to into that right now, this isn't that. My point being, if you don't have kids, you'd think about quitting your job and have a couple of kids, hey why not even twins, after reading about a day like that. But, what you'd be missing is what all the women who DO have kids read inbetween the lines on what I wrote today. Things like:

1. They slept in, is everything okay?
2. What to feed them for breakfast? Should I let them feed themselves and get messy or should I just do it for them? If I don't let them feed themselves how will they ever learn. Oatmeal is SO messy though. Okay, they did pretty good. Now to get cleaned up and brush teeth. Should I give them their allergy meds today? Yes. Doc said until their noses stop running.
3. Let's go for a walk. Where is the sunscreen? Did I put enough sunscreen on? Where are their sippy cups? Should I bother with the hats? They will just pull them off. Yes, I need them to wear their hats. Should I bring a toy in the wagon? No, they'll be fine.
4. Should I take them in after the walk? I need to wash my face before I go anywhere public. It'd be easier to just put them in the van. I'll leave it running and rinse my face in the downstairs bathroom.
5. Where are their car toys? When is the last time I cleaned out this van? I drive a mini-van, I still can't believe I drive a mini-van. She doesn't want a toy right now, she wants a book. Should I go in and get another book? No, what they have will have to do.
6. Oh darn, I forgot to check their diapers. What if they have a dirty one? Can I let them sit in it? No, but I don't want to change it when I get to the store. Better check. Whew... okay, dodged a bullet there, no dirties.
7. Dang, the stroller is buried in the junk in my van. Do I dare let them in the bookstore without a stroller? No, not yet, better dig out the stroller. Set up the stroller, get out the girls. Should I let them bring in their water? No. Yes. No. Oh, why not? Okay...
8. Grab books for them to hold. Oh no, those are expensive books, why didn't I look at the price first? I'll just have to put them back, I hope they don't get attached. Whew, she threw it on the floor, so the book goes bye bye. Ha, now I don't have to be the bad guy for not buying it!
9. Hum... if I go home now, what will we do? Should I stay out longer? Is there any errands I need to run? I need gas. Boring. What else? Swimsuits, they need new ones. Ah, the mall. Load girls in the car, collapse the stroller. It's HOT. Drink your water girls! Why didn't I bring water for me?
10. At the clothing store in the mall. Unload the stroller again. Load up girls. Fight the door with the double stroller. Do I even look human? My hair feels frizzy. Did I brush my teeth? I do have matching shoes on, right? Score! Only 2 suits left in their size. Glad I like them. I want the other ones more though. Not the right size. Pout. I do like these though. Okay. Get them. Don't want to have to go to another store.
11. Check the time. Hum, if I stay out a little big longer, when we get home, all I'll have to do is feed them lunch. Easy, right? What to do...
12. Okay, should I let them run around the park? They've been sitting an awful lot this morning. Yeah, better let them run. Want them to sleep at naptime. Okay, hope this ends well.
13. Sweat is dripping everywhere. Load girls, collapse stroller and put it in van again.
14. Get gas. Make faces at girls while pumping. Should I let them watch a show in the car? No. They can read their new book I just bought them.
15. Get home, they are hungry. Please happy long enough for me to throw something together. Healthy. What should I give them? Hotdogs? No. Pears. Yes. Okay, fruit, meat? Hum. Chik Nuggets? No, Yes. Okay. Peas and carrots make a veg. Grain? Whole wheat bagel. Good. Cookie? Why not. Sounds good. Grab something for me to eat. Did they eat that fast, or feed the dog?
16. Clean up. Yes, you do have to wash your face. One hour until nap. I want a nap. Now. What to do. Puzzle? Wait, will they play by themselves for a bit? No. Read books. Ah, they are happy now. I can relax for a minute. No. More play. Naptime. Ahhhhh.

Wow... that's only probably 1/5 of the stuff that goes through my head. And like I said, today was EASY. We didn't have (hardly) any upsets (before nap.) Basically all day long, you are thinking of things to keep the day moving along. You want to make sure that you are stimulating their brains and their bodies. Sometimes you wonder how the decisions you make will effect them for life. Because your decisions DO effect them. Perhaps not just one decision, but over the course of time, the little decisions add up to big decisions. It can be a lonely job. Sometimes you just want another adult to talk to during the day. It's a mentally and physically challenging job. One that you don't know if you are doing right, perhaps ever. There aren't really any performance reviews, I can tell you there are no raises (wait, there's not even a salary...), but when they look at you and say, "Momma!" and give you a big wet sloppy kiss, in your heart, you know you did at least something right, that day.

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Kara Ross said...

I love your explanation and behind the scene thoughts!!! I always say even on an wonderful day it is exhausting thinking about "what is going to happen/need next?" and all the things to bring along that can make or break your outings!! So much is constantly on our minds!!!