Friday, June 5, 2009

Toys R Us

Today is my cousin Lisa's Birthday! Happy Birthday Couz! She is exactly 6 months younger than I am. Up until now, that was something that I always thought was terrific. I got to turn 10 before she did for instance. Now that we are getting closer to 30, it isn't so cool. Hum, have to think about that.

One terrific thing about her birthday that I never realized before is how it lands half way through the year. She gets Christmas presents in December and then 6 months later in June she gets birthday presents. That seems ideal. This was on my mind as the girls are approaching 1 and HALF years old this month! They are bored of all the baby toys that they got at their birthday in December, five days before they got a bunch of Christmas presents! So, I decided to make a trip to Toys R Us this morning to get some new things for them to play with.

I was excited when Mom said she'd join us. Toys R Us isn't close to my house so it was an all morning event. We left at 9:30, got there around 10:15 and shopped for an hour. That store is huge, and we could have easily spent another hour browsing and changing our mind about purchases, but we were getting hungry and so was Izzie. We checked out with a pretty good load. I bought several different toys and Nana bought them each a travel size MagnaDoodle. After shopping we went to Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant for lunch. It was pretty tasty. On the way home both girls snoozed.

I dropped mom off and came on home. I pulled out the Magna Doodle for them to play with. I had suggested to Mom to get two pink ones, but she wanted different colors. Which would have been fine if Purple was the second choice. Izzie and Maddie had a fight over the pink one. Izzie won out though. They picked up their Magna Doodles and headed straight for their table. Where they played with them for about 15 minutes! Now, I've taken them upstairs hoping for a late nap, we shall see!

Izzie Doodling away...

Maddie. She got the orange one.

Maddie and Izzie.

Oh, on a side note, Uncle Julio's had the coolest booster seats. Perfect for multiples, since you didn't have to move all the dining chairs out of the way. They hung over the regular chair and strapped on, and they were easy to set up. They still had the strap to hold the girls in place too. I would make sure your child/children are able to sit up pretty well on their own, but these impressed me!

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