Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop and GO!

This afternoon after naptime, Maddie had a meltdown. It was right after snack time. I had given the girls a new snack which they absolutely devoured. This is about the 3rd or 4th one of these meltdowns she's had. Usually in the afternoon after nap time, although one of them was on Friday morning. She just stands there and cries and cries. Most of the time, both of my girls are very good at expressing what they want. So, I'm not sure if she is wanting something that she doesn't know how to ask for, or if she is just so upset that communicating isn't what she's thinking about. One day, giving her big downstairs bunny did the trick. Today, John carried her around the house for a bit and eventually got her calmed down. I'd say these were temper tantrums, but usually with a temper fit you know what the kid is wanting. She just has the wracking sobs. Even Izzie gets concerned. Today she brought sissy her water, a toy and a baby. Maddie just got madder and madder. I hope I can figure it out, because it is quite perplexing at this point.

After dinner, the four of us went outside to play on the deck. It is so cool! It's just like I pictured in my head when we built the deck. I pictured little feet running back and forth, riding bikes and having fun. At one point John was laying on the chaise lounge and I was sitting on the edge of the deck. I was hoping to wear the girls out a bit, since we had a pretty low key day up to this point. I told the girls to RUN, RUN, RUN! while clapping my hands. They immediately started running up and down the length of the deck giggling all the way. Then I had the inspiration to turn it into a game. Two of the signs they already know are Stop and Go. So, I was saying, "Go, GO, GO!" Then I would yell, "Stop!"

They sorta kinda played along. They wouldn't stop in the middle of the deck, only at one of the ends for some reason. But they had so much fun, they were signing stop with me and then signing go when it was time to go. Running and giggling the whole time. Then Maddie decided she need to rest and crawled up on the second chaise lounge. Izzie ran back and forth about twenty more times. I'm glad I brought their water outside with us, because then they signed, "thirsty" and went to get their "water."

They were quite rosy cheeked when it was time to go in for their splish splash bath. Now, let's see if it actually wore them out...

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