Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Stand Off

Wow, what an incident. The girls woke up from nap, and I went upstairs to get them. Both seemed to be in pretty good moods. I got Izzie changed and then I told Maddie to put Bunny Night-Night. I picked her up out of the crib and headed to the top of the stairs. I put her down so that they could walk down the stairs by themselves. They are getting so big, while I CAN still carry them both, it isn't easy and I'm trying to discourage it.

Maddie threw a FIT. Then Izzie started crying because she knew what sissy was trying to pull and she wanted in on it. So, I went downstairs and started making their snack. (I'm not too worried about them falling down the stairs anymore, they navigate them pretty well these days.) I'm standing in the kichen talking loudly, "Um, this snack sure looks good." and things like that. Well Izzie decided to forget about sissy, she wanted to EAT. So she came down the stairs. I gave her a big hug and put her in the highchair. John came home a little bit before Izzie made it down the stairs. He went up to talk to Maddie, but she still wouldn't budge. After crying for about 20 minutes, I sorta half caried half walked her down the stairs and into her highchair. She finally stopped crying when she got snack. We'll see how the rest of the evening goes!

Maddie crying at the top of the stairs.

Izzie enjoying her new pancakes I made this afternoon with creamcheese topping.

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