Monday, June 22, 2009

The Shops at Willow Bend Mall

Today was another playdate at the mall, this time with PAMOM. These indoor play areas are awesome for the Texas heat. For some reason, last year the heat didn't get to me as much. I know I didn't get out as much, and when I did, I was usually walking the girls around the neighborhood. They were covered in the stroller and did fine. Now, they are running around and they are getting over heated easily. So, playdates indoors balances out so we don't have to be in the heat as much. Last time we went to Willow Bend Mall, I thought the girls had a good time. It was nothing compared to this time! Maddie and Izzie had a great time. I brought Haleigh along as an extra set of eyes, which with the amount of toddlers there was greatly appreciated. Both girls tried to make a run for the exit at least once. Maddie went to play and hardly looked back at me. Izzie would check to see where I was, give me a hug, and then run off to play some more. She'd get so happy that she'd just throw her head back and start clapping with glee. She was seriously have a good time!

Here is Izzie, she was so happy that she would spontaneously start clapping and smiling so big!

Izzie liked climbing on the hot pepper.

Maddie in the dinner plate.

Now she's sitting on the big steak.

Izzie and Maddie climbing on the spoon.

They both fit, sort of! (Izzie and Maddie)

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Allison said...

They have the best play area for sure in the metroplex I think! I don't know who can afford to shop in those stores though. haha