Saturday, June 13, 2009


We had plans to go to a Splash Park this morning. I was really looking forward to it, but John now has the cold that I am getting over. Well, I thought I was getting over. I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Thankfully the girls have been wonderful this morning, despite Izzie's runny nose. We played inside for most of the morning, but I took the outside after lunch. We only lasted about 15 minutes in the hot humid mess. Izzie found a flowerpot that was full of dirt (the plant had died who knows when??) She got her shovel and her hand rake and started going to town. I really need to get on that sandbox that Chris and I are going to build for them. Yesterday I got a plastic swimming pool freecycled to me from a lady in my Wylie Mom's Group. That will be fun to fill up with water and play with soon. Right now it's in the back of my van. John is going to get frustrated when he sees it. There is so many toys taking over the backyard. He's long given up on the thought of no dead grass in the backyard, but now grumbles that it's hard to mow around everything! I understand, but I guess everyone has to deal with that with young kids.

Nothing else going on today. I'm thinking of taking the girls over to my mom's house to go swimming when they wake up from nap. Even though I don't feel great, I'm not feeling too bad and it's easier to do big fun stuff, than try and keep the girls entertained around the house. Tomorrow we plan on going to Muenster for Lucy's baptism. I just hope we don't get everyone sick. We offered to stay home, but they said to come anyway.

Next week, I sure hope I'm better. I have so many plans and don't want to cancel any of them. Summer is here and I don't have time for a cold!

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