Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pool Day

I LOVE this photo!!!

Izzie and Maddie



Izzie & Maddie (In color for my Mom who hates B&W)

Thanks to everyone who gave me well wishes yesterday. It was just a rough day. Luckily it ended well. I had my monthly PAMOM meeting, which I was looking forward to. At the meeting I won the door prize. I $150 value for a Derma Sweep Microdermabrasion. Not so sure what it is I won, but it's supposed to make my face glow afterward. Sounds good to me.

Today got off to a MUCH better start. I was feeling a bit better (still have a nagging cough though!) The girls woke up super happy. We played and danced for a while this morning after breakfast. Then Heather arrived. She played with the girls for while I caught up on some chores. WOW, was this SO nice!!! I loved it! I was able to clean the bathroom and do some laundry while they were downstairs coloring and playing with puzzles.

Then we got ready to go to the pool. Our playdate with Wylie Mom's got cancled because of a threat of thunderstorms, so we decided to brave the neighborhood pool instead. I kept an ear out for thunder and lightening, but didn't see any so I figured we were safe. The girls absolutely LOVED the splash pool. They were running around with glee on their faces. They took a couple of tumbles and learned to slow down. When we took them into the big pool, it took them awhile to warm up to Heather (who they were FINE with in the baby pool... go figure?) But eventually Izzie let Heather hold her and they had fun swimming in the big pool too. We were at the pool for over an hour, but it felt like no time at all.

Came home, ate a turkey-avocado sandwich for lunch and said our goodbyes to Heather. They were still in great spirits after lunch. We played dolly for quite a while then read some books before naptime. They hit the pillows snoring after our fun morning!

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