Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playhouses in Allen

This morning Heather came over and we loaded up the girls to go to the playhouses in Allen, for a playdate with my PAMOM group. It's this new shopping center that is going up. It's an enclosed playground that has little "stores" for the kids to run around in and play pretend. I think that it's better suited for a bit older age. When kids are really into pretend. The girls had fun with all the furniture that was their size, but they didn't get that it was a little mini town. There is also a life size maze for kids to try out, but of course they were too young for that. Texas summer is definitely upon us. We were all hot in the blazing heat. The playground is in the middle of a parking lot with very little "green." There was one tree about 20 feet away from the playground. The flooring of the playground was rubber, but it somehow absorbed the heat and radiated it up on us. We were very hot. The plan was to have an outdoor picnic, but we all needed a break from the sun, it was just too hot. So we went into WhichWich a sandwich shop and ate lunch there. I brought in the girls portable booster seats, figuring the high chairs would go fast. There was so many twin mom's at the playdate. But only a handful came into the sandwich shop. I got to visit with Angela who I haven't seen in a couple of months. Her twins Andi and Alex are a few months ahead of the girls and are super adorable! I love seeing where my girls are going to be in a few months time.

Izzie and Maddie hanging out with a ... boy!

It was SO hot. Heather layed down in the shade of one of the little buildings and Maddie and Izzie though it was funny and followed suit.

Izzie and Maddie enjoying a bench their size.

Maddie in the firehouse.

Izzie trying out a life as a bank robber in the "bank." She's trying to crack open the safe.

When we got home, both girls ran straight for the toy room. First they started stacking blocks together, in a coorporative manner! Then they ran and got their lovies. Maddie is giving bunny a bottle and Izzie is hugging teddy.

Maddie made sure that teddy got some milk too.

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