Monday, June 1, 2009

Park with Friends

This morning was exhausting. I miss John! He was home all last week and I definitely got used to his help. This morning, I got the girls up, dressed, fed 'em breakfast, packed lunches and out the door by myself. Which I can do by myself, but it is so much easier with John to help!

One thing that made getting out the door a bit more difficult than normal was when Maddie got really upset with her socks.They've mostly been wearing sandals around, or their tennis with no socks for short periods of time. Well, yesterday visiting Dana and Cody I had the tennis on the girls with no socks and they were in them for several hours. When I pulled their shoes off, their poor feet were pruney & sweaty. So, today I wanted them to wear socks to absorb the sweat. I don't want athletes feet on my 1.5 year olds! Anyway, basically Maddie did NOT want socks on with her tennies. I don't know if they tickled or felt funny, or what. But she had a screaming fit. I basically manhandled her into the car. Once in the car, she settled down, mostly. Once at the park she completely forgot to be upset about her socks. Whew!

I met Kara Ross there with her boys Brody & Findley and her daughter, Ainsley. I've been blog buddies with Kara for quite some time, and we live pretty close, but have never met. We are actually part of the same Multiples Group, PAMOM, but it's so big (400 members!) that we haven't met at any of their functions. I was so glad to get to meet them. Brody and Findley are some of the cutest blonde hair, blue eyed boys ever. Ainsley was precious and she really had fun playing with Maddie and Izzie.

Izzie's teeth were hurting her, so she started crying at the park. I knew it must have been pretty bad, since neither of the girls ever get upset outside. They love being outside so much! By this time (11 am) we'd been there an hour and the park (which is tiny) was starting to get very crowded. Another twin mom from my group showed up, who was fun to run into! And a couple of Mom's from my Wylie Moms group. It's fun getting to the point were I know some of the people when I'm out and about in my town. Anyway, Kara and I decided to go to San Fransisco Oven for lunch with all the kids! What an adventure. It worked out pretty good. Izzie didn't eat very much because of her teeth, but Maddie ate enough for both of them. Ainsely had fun, helping them reach their water and seeing if they would try some new foods she had. Too bad Izzie wasn't playing along. She just kept saying, "no, no, no" in a quiet little voice. After lunch we went to the fountain where Ainsley made some wishes with pennies.And the girls got sprayed with the water blowing in the wind.

Kara and her kids said good bye and I went to Old Navy to browse around before heading home. Once home, I thought the girls were going to CRASH. They looked exhausted, but I think we went into that "over-tired" state of misery. It took about 45 minutes before they fell asleep. Now, I'm so exhausted from our morning out (I've got to get used to the summer heat!) I think all I want to do is go take a nap too!)

Izzie, Maddie, Ainsley, Brody and Findley.

Maddie, Findley and Brody.

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Kara Ross said...

We had a great time!!! Thanks for joining us!!! I ended up going to get my sandals at REI and then ran into Old Navy right there and then Tuesday Morning.....They were so wiped - mine were also over tired and had been in and out of sleep between errands. They did play quietly in their cribs and then finally took a short nap around 3:00.