Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Proud Momma

I am absolutely glowing today. I'm a super duper proud Momma. I'm proud of myself and proud of my girls. We had a fantastic, super duper morning. Today I had a playdate scheduled at the mall with my Wylie Moms Group. Somehow I lost track of time and I ended up 30 minutes early to the playdate. How does someone loose track of time and get somewhere early? I'm not sure, but if anyone is capable if it would be me (or John.) So, we got to the mall and I let the girls out of the stroller and they took off playing. They did so good!! We came to this mall last week and I showed them around the play area and pretty much stayed with them. This time, they didn't need me they took off and explored and played hard. As a matter of fact, I even saw Maddie "talking" to another girl her age. She sounded kinda bossy, but not so sure on that.

Then Casey, one of the Mom's showed up and her two kids played for a bit. Then Luke, her son, wanted to ride the train. By this time we'd been there for over an hour and Maddie and Izzie were getting tired of the play area. Just as we were leaving Mary showed up with Alex. She decided to go with us to the train. I didn't have any cash on me, so they didn't get to ride the train this time, maybe next time we go.

I asked them if they wanted to eat at the mall and Casey said she was meeting a friend and her daughter for lunch at Chuy's. She then asked Mary and I if we wanted to come along. I got really brave and said yes.

I've taken the girls out to eat by myself to the mall and to San Fransico oven. (Thank goodness for those test runs!) But I've never taken them to a big restaurant by myself. I knew the stroller wouldn't work, they were going to have to walk in. So, we parked the car, and walked holding hands to the restaurant. Since there were 4 moms and 6 kids we had to wait while they set up our table. Then Maddie and Izzie held my hand while we navigated the very tight place. I got them set up and sat down to look at the menu. I had brought lunch for them, since I was planning on eating at the mall, so I started giving them bites of their lunch and a few chips from the table. (They had hummus on a tortilla, banana and fruit bar for lunch today.) They were so good!! They sat at the table quietly coloring, eating and then reading their books. I didn't get to visit too much with the other moms because it was loud and crowded and I was at the far end of the table with the girls. But I still had a good time.

We got home just in time for nap, and from the sound of things they are already asleep. Now here's to a great afternoon (I hope!)

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