Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One of THOSE days

This has been one of THOSE days. The kind you just want to put behind you and move on to the next. Where everytime you look at the clock another 30 seconds has ticked by even though you were sure it should have been at least 5 minutes. One of those days that you feel guilty about not embracing the day and living in the moment. Where the moments are adding up to misery and not joy. Usually when I catch myself in one of THOSE days, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, name 2 or 3 things that I'm thankful for, open them and get on with it. I either change directions, start a new project, pick up an old one, etc.

Today hasn't been like that. I've got a small head cold, but not bad enough that I'm not functioning, just bad enough that my patience is a bit short and my throat is a bit sore. For some reason, today, none of the activities that I did with the girls lasted more than 10 minutes, except the finger painting which lasted 15. And I did a lot with them this morning:
Woke up, fixed breakfast, brushed teeth, read books, finger paint, read MORE books, watched sesame street (sort of), went outside, played with playdoh, played in the toy room, pushed dollies around in stroller, read more books, climbed on coffee table!, cried (them, not me), ate lunch, played some more. I mean, for the most part they were really great this morning, but as the morning dragged on and on and on, they were getting cranky and I was getting cranky.

I hate to sound whiny. For the most part, I love being a stay at home mommy. I love doing projects with my girls. I really enjoy seeing them learn new things each and every day. (Did I mention that Maddie is now calling Ripley (our dog) by name? She calls him REEPEE. It's SO cute!!!) I love taking the girls with me on shopping adventures and other outings. But it is a full time job, one you don't get to punch out the clock. There is no calling in sick or playing hookie. The hours don't stop.

As for finding one or two things to be thankful for: 1) at least the girls aren't sick too (knock on wood!) and 2) I have the most wonderful supportive hubby ever and I know if I was really bad sick, he'd use one of his sick days and give me the day off.

So, hopefully, during nap time, I can have a reboot, take that deep breath and enjoy the rest of my day.


Grandma said...

Being a full time, stay-at-home Mom is THE HARDEST JOB in the world. But, it's also the MOST rewarding. We have all been in your shoes..wanting the really good days to return. Even when you are a grandma, it's a hard job..but one kiss or smile makes everything worth it. You are a TERRIFIC MOM, and we are proud of you!

Allison said...

I had a morning like that too and I don't even feel bad! But some days no matter how playing you do with them, they are still cranky. Here's to hoping a good nap will cure it all! Hope you feel better.

Lani said...

Hope ya feel better soon:)