Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mother's Helper

This morning, I interviewed Heather (age 14) to be my Mother's Helper for the summer. I'm so thrilled with the idea of having help taking the girls out and about this summer. I got her name from a local Babysitters club that is in my neighborhood. My plan is to have her come over two mornings a week. I plan on going to the pools, playdates, parks etc. I can do most of the stuff by myself (minus the pool) but it will be so much better with help. Especially once the full force of summer hits and it's 100 degrees out and you don't want to move, much less gather up two toddlers and all their stuff and chase them around a park. See what I mean? I bet you are exhausted even THINKING it and I have to do it!

Heather and her mom Jennifer stopped by for a meet & greet. They were here for about an hour and by the end of that time Izzie was practically sitting in Heather's lap playing toys with her! I was very excited to see that they warmed up to her so quickly. Maddie was interested in her, but didn't sit in her lap. Our first adventure will be Monday morning. I signed the girls up for a free Gymboree class and it'll be good to have help keeping up with the girls during their class. I'm sure we are going to have a lot of fun this summer, let the playing begin!


Seren Dippity said...

And I imagine that some of the triplet and quad moms that read your blog are laughing at YOU.

Yesterday shopping and lunching with the girls wore me plum out. I was almost as cranky as Izzzie by bedtime.


Amanda said...

I'm sure the triplet mom's and quad mom's are rolling their eyes at me! But they understand too and I definitely look up to them!