Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Misadventure at the gym

I got a 2 minute and 14 second work out tonight. Right after I got to the gym and on the treadmill (well, not right after... more like 2 minutes and 14 seconds after) there was an announcment on the intercom. Everyone was to evacuate to the locker rooms, asap! We were under a tornado watch/warning (whichever is more severe.)

So, there I sat in the locker room making friends. I met Leslie, who is a fraternal twin herself! We hit it off pretty well, and hopefully we'll bump into each other in class on Monday. So, even though I didn't get much of a workout, I did have an interesting adventure at the gym.

(John and the girls were safe and sound. And I made it home, eventually... safe and sound.)

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